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In celebration of Rex Gilroy's 50th anniversary as a natural history researcher, historian and archaeologist…

At last!! URU Publications and Australasian Ufologist are pleased to announce the re-release of the book that changed our thinking about Australia's ancient past, revealing hidden mysteries hitherto unknown to most Australians:

Rex and Heather Gilroy's

This new, revised, up-dated and enlarged economy, 'feather' bound edition of the original 1995 Nexus issue, is bigger and better than ever, with 188 extra photos.


* The enlarged UFO section.

* Astounding photographs of gigantuan and other giant hominid fossil footprints, skull-types and stone implements of Australia's unknown stone-age past.

* Photographs of pyramids and other relics left here by ancient Egyptian, Phoenician and other Bronze-Age colonists.

* New photographic evidence of the Lost Civilisation of Uru, showing massive stone monuments, stone circles, astronomically-arranged stone alignments and other mighty Uruan relics scattered across Australia!

* The new Cryptozoological section with photographs of paw prints of the "Australian Panther", the giant "Blue Mountains Lion", 'extinct' Thylacine and giant monitor lizard, as well as our mysterious living 'Neodinosaurs', with more evidence of the "Hawkesbury River Monster".

* And the enlarged relict hominid section with new information on the Yowie and his giant cousin 'Rexbeast', by Australia's greatest 'Yowie Man' and Cryptozoologist, Rex Gilroy.

* and more, much more!!!

* Anticipated pre-release price $A50 plus p&h $A7

Mail it to: Rex Gilroy. PO BOX W202, Katoomba 2780 NSW

Internet email: or if Rex and Heather Gilroy's email is down email: and I will pass on any messages.

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