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by Rex Gilroy

The recent news that large, ape-like footprints have been found near Murgon comes as no surprise to me.

There have been similar occurences in far north Queensland and northern New South Wales, areas where not only footprints, but also sightings of often larger than mansized animals of hairy gorilla like appearance have been reported.

As director of the Australian Yowie Research Centre, which I established last year for the purpose of gathering physical evidence of these creatures, I am convinced there is an Australian relative of the abominable snowman or yeti in Asia and also bigfoot of Canada, America inhabiting the remoter mountainous forest-covered regions of eastern Australia.

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Yowie Anyone

The animals have, for thousands of Years, been known to the aborigines as the Yowie, or "great hairy man'.

Their physical structure and herbivorous eating habits match those of their overseas counterparts. Even the yowle's footprints are identical to those of' the yeti/ bigfoot.

I am leading an expedition to areas in southern and far north Queensland in June next year in search of evidence of the yowie.

It would be interesting to know if other readers have seen a yowie or heard of similar finds.

R. Gilroy, Australian Yowie Research Centre, Katoomba.

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