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THAT avid yowie hunter, Rex GiIroy, of Katoomba, plans to come among 'us again next year to seek further proof that the creatures exist. In a letter this week he said he plans to check sightiogs which have been made near Lismore, Kyogle and Woodenbong.

Mr. Gilroy has long maintained that a the Australia yowie is a relative of Asia's Yeti (the Abominable Snowman) and the 'Big Foot' of Canada and the United States.

He says a land bridge connected Asia to Australia and America to Asia during the last Ice Age and that's when these large beasts could have migrated.

"The yowie has been known to Aborigines for thousands of years, he said. Mr.

Gilroy said that 15 years ago a group of campers near Mount Lindsay spotted an ape-like beast nearly 4 m tall, but it eluded them in dense scrub.

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Avid Yowie Hunter

One our reporters, Gary Buchanan, went to Woddenbong in mid-1977 to investigate the sighting of a a large ape-like creature.

It was seen in the backyard of a house and had molested a small dog.

Hairs found near the scene were sent to the Anthropology Department at Queensland University where it was determined they had not come from a native animal. "More likely horse-tail hair," the report said.

Still, our reporter was most impressed bythe evidence given to him by the witnesses.

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