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Barrington Tops Expedition

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N.S.W: An expedition will search Barrington Tops for mysterious Australian Yowie.

The director of the Mount York Natural History Museum at Mount Victoria, NSW, Mr Rex Gilroy, who first brought the Yowie to public attention throughout Australia will lead the search.

He will be in the Gloucester area in about March or April, then move on to Grafton and later carry out a search in the Lamington district of Soulhern Queensland.

Mr Gilroy believes the Yowie to be related to the Himalayan Abominable Snowman and North American Bigfoot, and that the ancesotrs of the Yowie entered Ausralia before the close of the last ice-age over the land-bridge that once linked Australia to mainland Asia.

Eye witnesses have described it as being about 2.5 metres (approximately eight feet) tall, weighing up to 270 kilograms (about 600 lbs). It is covered from head to foot in long hair and walks erect on two legs.

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Barrington Tops Expedition

Mr Gilroy has launched an appeal for any reports of the mysterious beast to be sent to him.

"Hairy man"

Mr Gilroy says the term Yowie was the name give the creature by the early Aborgines and means "Great Hairy Man.:

Mr Gilroy has gathered many new reports among these is that of a young girl at Dungay Creek in NSW, who saw a Yowie while picking oranges.

"Dogs disturbed the creature in the scrub and forced it into the open. It was described by the girl as being about 1.8 m tall and covered in long brown hair.

Two timber cutters were forced from their camp about 70 km from Lismore because of repeated visits overnight by an 8 ft tall hairy creature.


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