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Yowie Sighted in Dubbo

Dubbo Liberal
by Rex Gilroy

A Yowie has been sighted in the Dubbo district and "famed Yowie-hunter", Mr. Rex Gilroy, is planning to search for the beast. I am eager to return to Dubbo following some new leads recently passed on to me concerning sightings in the area.

"I received information that a man was approached by a tall, dark figure in darkness in scrub 30 miles outside Dubbo. "The man was taking a short cut to a farm through scrub along a dirt track one night in January this year, when, nearby in dense scrub he heard the crackling of bushes and spotted a dark shape moving towards 'him.

He flashed his torch on and shone it toward the figure thinking it to be a human, but was shocked to see an ugly-looking monkey-like beast about seven foot in height. The animal took fright and moved off quickly into the scrub while the man ran for his life in the opposite direction", said Mr. Gilroy.

Mr. Gilroy has now spent the past 23 years investigating the Yowie. He is now planning three further expeditions, one to the Carrai Plateau to search the area of the bone fragment find in 1977; another central western NSW search in the Mudgee, Wellington, Dubbo and Warrumbungles areas; and also the Grampians Mountain Range in Victoria, all to take place next year.

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Yowie Sighted in Dubbo

Mr. Gilroy recently interviewed three hikers who heard strange screeching sounds in dense forest country outside Kyogle, in northern New South Wales. The men identified the sounds as very similar to screeching sounds on a tape sent to Mr. Gilroy from an American anthropologist taped by campers last year in Nebraska, and also another set of taped sounds made by two policemen of two creatures in Washington State, USA.

These tapes, says Mr. Gilroy, were put through university voice computers in America. It was found that the sounds were not faked, but the voice frequencies of primate creatures not found in humans. "Sounds of this nature were heard a few months ago one night in dense scrub outside Wellington, and I also have another report of this nature from the Pilliga forest country out of Coonabarabran in recent times," he adds. '

Mr. Gilroy also has the report of an American, and also a Russian anthropologist, on the anatomical foot movements-identified from plaster casts of Yowie tracks from the Blue Mountains and Kempsey districts. "These scientists have proven beyond doubt that the creatures who made the tracks walked, with primate movements quite different to those of a human.

The tracks from Kempsey were found in July 1977 near a river bank, the second set are from the October 1979 Penrith army base Yowie expedition which I led into the Cedar Valley, and which were made by two creatures up to a fortnight prior to their discovery.

These tracks measured 45 cm length by 35 cm width across the toes, implying two fully grown animals up to 12ft tall, weighing around 600 Ibs", added Mr. Gilroy. The Yowie, or *'great hairy man", Mr. Gilroy points out, has every physical feature of a primate and is identical to the notorious "Big-foot" of the Americas, and also the Yeti ("Abominable Snowman") of Asia.

The footprints of these beasts matches the fossil tracks of the 20 foot tall giant forest ape, Gigantopithecus which roamed Asia during the last iceage, and overseas scientist believe these creatures evolved as an offshoot of the Gigantopithecus perhaps 500,000 to up to a million years ago, gradually migrating into Canada and Australia over the then-existing land-bridges that linked the continents during the last ice-age.

"The Yowie/Yeti/Bigfoot are all physically the same, with pointed skull dome (sagital crest), thick eyebrow ridges, they have no neck, the head being sunk into the body giving a stooped appearance. Their arms reach down to the knees (their Fingers being longer than a human's), and their feet are typical primate with an opposable big toe. While males are strong muscular creatures with long thick hair, females are slenderer, have less hair, and often long pendulous breasts", said Mr. Gilroy.

"If, as some people like to think, the Yowie is a mythical animal of aboriginal folklore (they have known of them for thousands of years), then, by which means were they able to come by the description of a primate animal when such beasts are not supposed to have lived here prior to their introduction into zoos after the coming of the white man?", asks Mr. Gilroy.

"It is therefore evident that we are dealing with a primitive herbivorous, forest-dwelling race of creatures and not some animal of aboriginal mythology", he said. Mr. Gilroy, who is recognised as Australia's foremost authority on the Yowie and other strange animals unknown to science, believes it quite possible that such beasts could be based upon the descriptions of ancient Aboriginal folklore, as well as the descriptions of numerous European eyewitnesses.

They easily escape detection deep in remote mountainous regions of eastern Australia, much of which has still not yet been fully explored by man. "Under these circumstances we should all be prepared to keep an open mind on the matter, until such times when, (provided government funds are available), a thorough scientific search can be mounted by scientists, with the latest in military equipment and other material.

Only this will bring to light the kind of evidence which can not be ignored, therefore I appeal to anyone who may have even the smallest bit of information or other possible clues, to contact me, as their information could be vitally important to me towards proving my case for the existence of these creatures," Mr. Gilroy said.

Until such evidence comes to light, Mr. Gilroy says he is just as determined as ever to continue his search.

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