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Springwood Gazette Sydney Suburban
1st Oct 1980
by Unknown Author

Expedition here in Mid April: Naturalist, Mr Rex Gilroy will next month begin a search of the Taree and Barrington areas for evidence of the Yowie, Australia's version of the 'Himalayan abominable snowman.

Mr Gilroy, director of the Mount York Natural History Museum at Mount Victoria, was the first researcher to bring the existence of the Yowie to public attention in Australia and overseas. He has spent the past 18 years investigating the mystery beasts over a wide area of Australia.

While reports of eastern Australia 'Yowie sightings been made over a wide area of the continent, Mr Gilroy has found the heaviest concentration of reports to come from eastern Australia particularly the mountainous forested regions of the coastal belt and Great Dividing Range.

The word Yowie means - Great Hairy Man- in early Aboriginal folklore and their traditions of the beasts date back thousands of years. The Yowies are described as being as tall as 7-8 ft. and covered from head to foot in long hair. The creatures move ,on two legs with a stooped gait and emit a foul smell. Although the Yowie is basically a vegetarian, there have been instances of carnivorous habits, added Mr Gilroy

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Yowie Hunt

The creature make a grunting sound and also a screeching noise when disturbed. he said.

Mr Gilroy said these characteristics are identical with those reported by American researchers of bigfoot - in Canada and the United States, as well as the legendary abominable snowman of the Himalayas.

Mr Gilroy believes the Yowie is a surviving remnant of a pre-ice age man-like ape fauna, of which the abominable snowman and American bigfoot are also surviving relatives'. The creature would have spread out from Asia over land-bridges which once linked Australia and America to the Asian mainland," he added.

During his forth coming search. Mr Gilroy will inspect plaster casts of enormous ape-like footprints. The original footprints were discovered recently near Scone in the same area where an enormous hairy ape-like animal was reported seen by a bushwalker.

"The site is situated in a region of the densely wooded Barringtod Tops where sightings of enormous hairy ape-like-man-like beasts date back as early as 1842 and 1848 when the creatures were first reported seen by early settlers in the Carey's Peak district, Mr Gilroy said.

MR Rex Gilroy, the naturalist who believes that a relative of the Himalayan abominable snowman inhabits Australia. Mr Gilroy will also investigate reported sightings of the mystery creatures at Maitland, Taree, Kempsey, Grafton and Lismore.

He has launched an appeal among residents of these districts who may have information helpful to his investigations to contact him. A similar appeal launched by Mr Gilroy recently in southern NSW resulted in several dozen fresh reports of Yowie activity in the ACT (in the Tidhinbilia area)Bega and the Australian Alps.

"The Yowie is no stranger to the Mount Kosciusko district where the creatures have been known since the 1860's. A group of skiers sighted an enormous hairy man like animal moving through snow up a mountainside thereabouts during July 1975," he said.

The creatures, do not aways keep to themselves. In 1969. two wild life rangers and a group of timber cutters saw a group of five 5 smallish ape-like animals moving through dense rainforest scrub on the Atherton Tableland near Cairns.

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