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Sunday Observor offers monster reward

Sunday Observor

YOU can win $10,000 by capturing a Yowie - Australia's version of the elusive Abominable Snowman.Your ever alert Sunday Observer is offering $100,000 reward for the first Yowie caught, alive and unharmed.

The Yowie - a hair covered, ape-like creature standing 7ft to 1Oft. tall, still roams the Australian bush, according to experts.

"Yowies have been sighted in many parts of Australia since the late 18th century, archaeologist (reporter trying to make out Rex is an archaeologist-which Rex has never stated anywhere) Rex Gilroy said last night. "They look terrifying and give off a repugnant smell, but they are basically gentle and timid."

Mr Gilroy, 34, a longtime student of the Yowie, believes it is a descendant of the gigantopithecus, a 15ft. monster that lived in Asia 20,000 years ago (30 years of research later and Rex has discovered evidence showing the Yowie is Homo erectus-in allit's forms)

He is also convinced that the Yowie is related to the dinosaur and the Yeti-the dreaded Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas. (Rex did not state the Yowie was related to the dinosaur-the reporter added it)

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Yowie Pads

Reliable witnesses have reported seeing the Yowie in areas as far apart as the Victorian Alps, the Blue Mountains, Cape York Peninsula, the Kimberleys, the Nullabor Plain and Tasmania," Mr Gilroy said. Recently I found a Yowie footprint on the Carrai Plateau, near Kempsie," Mr Gilroy said last night from his home at Mount Victoria, in New South Wales.

"The footprint measures 16 and a half inches by 12 and a half inches. I believe it was baked by volcanic lava after an eruption and fossilised." Mr Gilroy made a plaster cast of the giant footprint as proof of his amazing discovery. "Most reports of Yowies have come from the fringes of unexplored mountain country," he added.

"Evidence I have gathered over the past 20 years indicates that the Yowie is a vegetarian, living mainly on fern roots and other plants. "But I believe it turns carnivorous in the cold weather, eating rabbits and other small animals to keep itself alive."

He admits that scientists are skeptical about the existence of the Yowie, but says, he is convinced the creature's ancestors crossed "land bridges" from South East Asia to Australia during the last Ice Age.

"I have contacted the Darwin Museum in Moscow, and they have sent me information on the relict hominids, or ancient man, which seems to confirm my beliefs," Mr Gilroy said. "There is ample evidence of similar creatures in Russia, Canada, the United States and Papua New Guinea.

"The American Bigfoot and the New Guinea Kiboornee, or 'hairy devil'-man', are certainly related to the Yowie." he added: "The Yowie is one of the missing links in man's evolution. "These creatures are in need of a thorough scientific investigation."

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