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The mysterious orange-furred, screechinbg yowie was dismissed as a children's tale for many years. But it was seen recently and shortly an expedition will try to find it.

ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN, it seems, aren't restricted to Everest. A ferocious, sharp-fanged variety (writers chioce of words not Rex) is said to be haunting the heavily-wooded territory west of the NSW Dividing Range.

Naturalist Rex Gllroy, who lives at Mt York, Is hot on the track of a mysterious beast he calls the yowie - an Aborignal word meaning Hairy Man.

The Antipodean yeti has been attacking cattle and tearing the bark off trees, which Mr Gilroy claims is its favourite food. The yowie, sketched but not photographed, stands about 1.8 metres tall. It Is covered In orange-coloured hair and utters a spine-tingling screech when disturbed.

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Mr Gilroy, a 31-year-old university graduate (newspapers like to make up quotes. Rex has never said to any newspaper he was a University graduate), saw his first yowie on August 7, 1970 when he was tramping through the Jamieson Valley, near Katoomba, NSW.

"I was sitting on a rock having lunch when this thing jumped out of a tree." he told Pix People.

(Again Rex has never stated in any interviews it jumped out of a tree, again the original writer made this up to make the story sound better and this journalist repeated the myth. I guess just seeing it wasn't dramatic enough for the writer)

"I've never seen anything like It In my life. It walked upright, and was very mobile."

Mr Gilroy was transfixed. Man and beast stared at each other in mutual amazement before the "thing" uttered a howl of defiance and retreated into the undergrowth. (Again the writers version not Rex's)

It had a massive jaw, plenty of teeth, and appeared to be very powerful. (Again the writers version not Rex's)

Mr Gilroy Is not the only man to have seen the beast. A group of bush walkers out for a recent weekend hike near Bathurst got a good view of the strange, shaggy creature, and farmers in the Mudgee area have also reported sightings.

Five years ago at dusk, wood-cutters saw a group of five hairy, ape-like creatures moving slowly through the scrub in the Atherton Tableland.

In 1969. the owner of a farm at the foot of the Lamington Plateau, southern Queensland, was roused by the bellowinof a cow and the frenzied barking of a cattle dog.

The farmer and his family went to Investigate and found fences torn down, the cow lying dead with a broken neck (the head had almost been torn off) and the dog crushed against a tree. In the distance, they could hear something crashing through the bush.

More recently, In 1971, RAAF helicopter pilots on a training flight turned In a report in which they claimed to have seen a "shaggy, orange-brown ape" loping across open ground near Sentinel Mountain, Glen Davls.

Locals are convinced that the "thing" Is hiding out in the rugged scrub country. The farmers' Interest is far from academic. Cattle have been mauled and stampeded, and some landowners have taken to carrying loaded shotguns when visiting remote parts of their properties.

Mr Gilroy doesn't want the yowie killed, but resldents aren't taking any chances. "After seeing the slash marks on those cows, you wouldn't chance it either," said one of the farmers. "And It must have taken enormous strength to rip the bark off all those trees."

Australian bushmen don't go much on stories about Loch Ness Monsters and Abominable Snowmen, but the yowle reports are making them jumpy. "It's not just the stock," said one. "What bout our families? My kids ride horses all over this place. I don't know where they are half the time."

Shoot first, ask Questions afterwards, seems to be order of the day. "It'll be a safer when It's stuffed," is the general opinion. This Is Rex Gilroy's maJor worry. "The one thing we don't want around here," he told Pix-People, "is a mass of Idiots running around with rifles."

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