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Woronora Wild Man

From Daily Telegraph Sydney, N.S.W

AUSTRALIA'S leading Yowie expert has branded the Woronora Wild Man "the worst sort of hoax".

According to amateur naturalist Rex Gilroy, of the Australian Yowie Investigation Centre at Katoomba, the scratches on trees and one footprint ("where are the others?") are typical of a not-yery-clever stunt.

"I get scores of these reports, usually from kids," he said yesterday.

'Truckles on pills manage to see a few too. The Newell Highway near Coonabarabran is a favorite, spot, "All I can say is if I was a Yowie I would not be living down at Woronora, not without a color Tv and a modern home."

Mr Gilroy who has dedicated 28 of his 43 years to the investigation of Yowie sightings is these days not so sure, if there any left. (R.G. - I did not state this the reporter did)

But he remains convinced that the "great hairy man" man" which the Aboriginals named Yowie did once exist in Australia.


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Woronora Wild Man


Mr Gilroy's theory is the Yowle was in fact the gigantopithicus of Java which walked across the land bridges to the various parts of the world where similar creatures have been sighted. (R.G . We have since discovered more evidence In the form of skulls to show the Yowie is in fact Homo erectus).

What would Scotland be without the Loch Ness Monster or the Himalayas, with no Yet! or Abominable Snowman?

In Canada, a whole tourist industry was created around Bigfoot or Sasquatch - supposedly big, hairy gorilla-like humanoid creatures. A movie film of a female Bigfoot near Bluff Creek, Northern California, taken in 1967 has never been proved a fake.

As usual the Russians had to go one better. They caught one. The Russian Yowie is called Almas, smaller than a human, hairy, and with neanderthal looks, Zana, a female 'Almas, was captured in Southern Russia late last century and bore four children to one of her male captors.

The grandchildren are still survive in the town of' Tkartcheli and have heavy jaws and dark, negroid skin.

In Australia, the Yowie was first sighted in 1795 in Sydney Cove.

Since then there have been more than 3000 reported sightings, many of them at close range. Fortunately it is said to be herbivorous .Personaily I prefer the Nullarbor Nymph. Remember her?

She entranced interstate truckies on the Eyre Hwy by skipping across the road naked. They never found her either but there was no suggestion that she was hairy all over.

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