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PRESS RELEASE for Dangerous Spiders Public Awareness Project 2006


Co-ordinator of the Rotary Club of Katoomba “Dangerous Spiders Public Awareness” Project Rotarian Rex Gilroy [right] with Club President Kevin Lawrenson holding jars containing examples of deadly Funnel Web spiders.

This species is one of several dangerous spider species currently being targeted by the Club in its Dangerous Spiders Public education drive.

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“Dangerous Spiders Public Awareness” Project

Fairfield - Liverpool

Funnel Web Spiders are on the rise in the Fairfield-Liverpool district as the mating season of this species gets under way. This is the time when these spiders are known to enter homes at night in search of food and mates.

Concerned home-owners can now obtain advice from a unique, life-saving community service project being operated by the Rotary Club of Katoomba., in the form of its “Dangerous Spiders Public Awareness”. Besides a “Dangerous Spiders Hotline [Phone 02 4782 3441], a 24-hour service where people can obtain quick advice on any spider problems they may have, the Club also offers a “Dangerous Siders Awareness” booklet.

This publication contains photos and life-histories of every spider species commonly found around the home, methods to prevent them entering houses, advice for parents on teaching young children about spider danger, etc. There is also a step-by-step illustrated first-aid procedure for spider bite.

The booklet is obtained by sending a donation to cover postage to Rotary Club of Katoomba “Dangerous spiders Public Awareness” PO Box 54, Katoomba NSW 2780. all moneys raised from excess postage donations goes to Rotary Clubs International charities within Australia.

Co-ordinator of the project is Rotarian Rex Gilroy, an entomologist/naturalist with 50 years experience with spiders.

“As a former resident of the Fairfield district, where I began my spider interest as a child, I came to know the areas where these spiders congregate in numbers. Over the years they have spread into new hosing estates in Fairfield’s west, as well as in the Carramar and Lansvale areas. They have lately been caught on a frequent basis around Cabramatta and to the east of Fairfield. The numbers of Funnel Web Spiders have greatly increased in recent years throughout this region and the current hot weather has increased the danger of home invasion by these spiders”, says Rex.

Funel Web Spider Rex Back Spider Eastern Mouse Spider White Tail Spider
Funnel Web Spider
Red Back Spider Eastern Mouse Spider White Tail Spider

He adds that there is no mistaking these shiny black-bodied spiders, but anyone uncertain about any spider found in their yard of house can contact him on the spider ‘Hotline’.

“Our club hopes the residents of the Fairfield district will take full advantage of our on-going, nation-wide project, which has already saved a number of lives. Forewarned is forearmed”, he said.

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