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Psychic Australian January 1978

Ufo Base Under The Blue Mountains

By Rex Gilroy 

Blue Mountain Ufo's

There have been some very unusual happenings on the Blue Mountains over recent years which have yet to be given a proper explanation by the authorities concerned, yet is is likely that no explanation no matter how guarded can be offered without it becoming obvious to most people that we are not alone in this universe. The unusual happenings of which I speak are the 600 or so reports of unidentified flying objects that have been seen over, or on the Blue Mountains west of Sydney in the last few years. The Jamieson Valley and its surrounding environs have been the scene of many spectacular UFO events.

Only space in this magazine prevents me from reporting on many of the sightings of the mysterious objects that have been sighted hereabouts frequently. Nonetheless there is something disturbing about the whole affair which becomes all the more intriguing when one meets with the wall of silence about Jamieson Valley UFO's set up by official circles. Some Mysterious happenings have yet to be given a full explanation such as repeated sightings of UFO's that seem to just appear as if out of nowhere in the almost impenetrable forest regions to the south of Mount Solitary and beyond the backwaters of Warragamba Dam.

Noises From Underground

Hikers who have actually penetrated the region and who, while camping at night, have claimed later to have heard the throbbing of some sort of machinery coming from below the ground. The implications of this, as far as Ufologists are concerned, is that there exists in the farthest reaches of the valley-well known for Yowie and other mysterious animal sightings-a secret base inhabited by extraterrestrials. It is not my intention to offer any possible explanations or theories for the possible presence of extraterrestrial visitors, a field already well gone over by other more involved in this field than I. However, as a seeker of the unexplained I merely present the evidence here for others to draw their own conclusions.

DCA Station Tower

For many years there have been reports of mysterious objects or lights seen in the sky over the Jamieson Valley from Kings Tableland, a favourite spot for Ufo watchers. Many of these reports have been made at night. The interesting point is that most of these objects have been seen to hover over the DCA {now DoT} towers that stand at the edge of the valley on the road to Queen Victoria Hospital. More than once caretakers at the DCA station have gone outdoors at night and found some strange craft hovering above them.

Kings Tableland Ufo

One night during 1971 a young couple in a car while driving along the Kings Tableland road towards Wentworth Falls suddenly found themselves followed by a saucer-shaped craft emitting a strange green glow. Emitting a humming noise the mystery object which they estimated to be about 25 ft across, flew over their vehicle and flying swiftly ahead of them a mere 39 ft above the ground, suddenly rose and vanished above them. Later it was revealed that numerous people on the other side of the valley along Cliff Drive, Katoomba, had observed the green glowing object in the distance.

Mount Solitaire

Not only have people been spotting UFO's above the Jamieson Valley, residents on the farming complex below Mount Solitary have reported seeing, and even hearing, strange craft flying low overhead as if coming in for a landing. They have observed the objects to disappear to the south of the farms, as if having landed just south of the Warragamba Dam backwaters in the vicinity of the Burragorang district.

Humming Sounds

During 1971 a hiker, Mr Weston, penetrated some of this inaccessible terrain. One night while camping in a remote area of the south of the Warragamba Dam backwaters he was woken from his sleep by a loud humming noise. Getting to his feet he started off, torch in hand, into the bush in the direction of the strange sound hoping top find out the cause. He soon became aware that ahead of him the scrub was lit up with a glowing white light. Ahead of him there appeared to be a clearing. As he approached the clearing, he could see through the trees that the glow was coming from some strange structure which he thought to be somewhat egg-shaped. Dark man-like figures appeared to be moving hastily around the craft. Mr. Weston wondered whether to approach the figures to enquire what was going on. As he stood there among the trees, the figures disappeared into the object and the glow suddenly faded, the mysterious dark shape rose into the air, its loud humming noise now silent. Mr. Weston returned rather hastily to his camp and unable to sleep after what he had witnessed, he remained awake until morning when he packed his haversack and wasted no time in leaving the valley.

Throbbing Noises Underground

Eerie happenings continue to occur in that region. Only in recent months a group of seven hikers exploring in the area where unknown to them, three soldiers vanished many years ago, and whereabouts so many UFO's have been descending as if to land, made their camp for the night. All seemed well until after they had bedded down. Coming as they said as if from out of the bowels of the earth beneath them, the group heard aloud throbbing and grinding noise which began to grow louder by the minute. As the sound increased, the ground began to vibrate. By this time all of the group had gotten to their feet grabbing torches and trying to see what was going on about them. A thorough search of the region in the dark failed to find the cause of the disturbance, and although the vibrations decreased somewhat the group got little sleep from the incessant throbbing that continued on well into the night. The next day a further search failed to find the cause of the mystery sounds and the group were glad to leave the area.

Phantom City

If sounds coming from beneath the earth in the Burragorang region have mystified people, then so too have the lights of the "phantom city". This phenomenon has been witnessed by numerous people including Ufologists who have happened to be out on the far end of Kings Tableland late at night. A mass of strange lights, resembling a town lit up at night, have been observed to appear as if out of nowhere, and vanish again before morning. The "phantom city" appears to be in the same area as the throbbing sounds heard late at night by the campers, and where the mystery craft have been seen to disappear among the scrubland. It would appear therefore, that no other explanation would seem possible than that a secret base of some sort, established for some years now, exists south of the Jamieson Valley, and from which extra-terrestrials are carrying out some mysterious operation-but then, I leave these discussions to my readers.

Kedumba Valley

North of the backwaters of Warragamba Dam in Kedumba Valley, which stands behind the Jamieson Valley farms, is a deeply wooded region interspersed with the rubble of countless dry creek beds, active only when fed by heavy rains from above the valley. It was hereabouts in 1970 that a farmhand, sent out to round up some strayed stock, wandered on horseback into this region hoping to find some trace of the missing few head of cattle. He found instead a circular burnt out patch of timber and the remains of what appeared to be some sort of heavy object that had left a circular depression in the earth. There was also a strange smell about the place which the farmhand could not identify. Whatever is was, the farmhand could see that some unknown object had rested there only hours before. No trace of cattle was ever found, although the hand did find numerous hoofprints about the area of the circular depressions.

Warragamba Township

Tales persist among the residents of Warragamba township of the numerous objects that have been either seen or heard to fly low over the town at night, often emitting strange glowing lights and heading in the direction of the region south of the now flooded Burragorang Valley. These stories date back to the early 1950's where there occurred a couple of mysterious happenings which are still discussed by old identities of the area. Early in 1953, following several sightings of strange flying craft in the area, a hiker who happened to penetrate the area of the supposed landings of these objects, saw from a distance and from the shelter of scrub a group of several man-sized forms clothed in what today could be said to resemble space-suits.

The mystery beings appeared to be searching the ground with strange metal devices apparently collecting soil and rock samples. This incident was reported to locals by the hiker when he returned from his trip at Warragamba township. The incident in turn attracted the attention of three young soldiers, all experienced bushmen, and all with a budding interest in the then new field of UFO research. Setting out from Warragamba they attempted to follow they approximate route taken by the hiker. It is believed they penetrated several miles inland in the approximate area of the sighting of the strange figures.

However, It was beyond a certain point that all traces of them became lost, and despite searches that were sent out for them, no trace of the three soldiers was ever found again. Furthermore all further mention of their mystery fate was soon lost in the wall of official silence that descended on the whole issue. The Burragorang-Kedumba valleys are not by any means the only place where mysterious late night, or even daytime, goings on have been happening. Tourists looking out over the Grose Valley near Blackheath have reported have seen strange lights which have appeared to land in the valley, or else have hovered over the forests to rise up vertically into the sky.

Jamieson Valley

Murphys Glen in the Blue Mountains National Park has lately been the scene of some unusual happenings. Recently Steven Burroughs of Woodford was camping in the glen when he observed mysterious lights flying overhead to descend among the trees of nearby forest. However from a variety of reports it would appear that many of these lights have been seen coming from the region of the Jamieson Valley, and therefore we may suppose that they originate from the alleged secret base In the Burragorang.

On Thursday 30 July 1970, a Mr. Phillips then living in Katoomba and now of Cairns Queensland, was standing on a lookout above Leura Cascades which overlooks the Jamieson Valley, when directly ahead of him there suddenly appeared a strange object of brilliant shining silver colour from behind Mount Solitary. The time was 5.30 pm with a clear sky. The object which was 6 miles away across the valley was judged by Mr. Phillips to be 4 or 5 degrees east of due south and about the same angle above the horizon. The object emitted no noise. It was quite large, as big as a large aircraft, and appeared to Mr. Phillips to be without any navigational lights whatsoever.

The strange craft was shaped like a ball. The ball was a sphere, the top being joined to a cylinder, the conical section between them appeared to follow an exponential curve. This strange object, after remaining motionless for half a minute after its appearance, suddenly soared upwards into the sky to disappear from sight. About the same time that Mr. Phillips saw his Ufo, another and quite spectacular event took place in Katoomba which revived old memories of the occurrences there abouts of the early 1950's.

Ufo Glow

Dozens of people who happened to be standing outside their homes over a wide area between Leura to the east and Blackheath towards the west a few miles away, were witness to a brilliant orange-yellow glowing object which coming from the south, that is from the Burragorang-Kedumba valley area, sailed across the sky so low that as it neared the Great Western Highway near Katoomba hospital, came a mere 200 ft off the ground. So brilliant was the glow from this object that the whole district seemed lit up by it. The object was too bright for anyone to detect its shape. It was travelling slowly across the area and within a few minutes people at Blackheath saw it before the object gradually gained height, disappearing northward. The official RAAF report? You'll never guess. The planet Venus was very brilliant that night.

Descending Jamieson Valley Ufo

Another strange Ufo, although not as brilliant passed over Katoomba one night in 1970 going from north to south, and descending slowly into Jamieson valley. The object appeared to "coast" over the Jamieson Valley farms until it appeared to vanish somewhere to the south.

Katoomba Ufo {Multiple Witnesses}

Ufo's are nothing new to the Blue Mountains. Large numbers of reported sightings of mysterious objects have been recorded hereabouts for many years and I have it on good authority that such goings-on have been occuring for generations. The presence of Ufo's on the Blue Mountains did not reach the ears of the press until 1953 where there was a spectacular event over the skies of Katoomba during the May holidays of that year. For a period of over a week a mysterious greenish-reddish glowing object hovered over the night skies of Katoomba, making often aeronautical feats and attaining such speeds during these maneuvers that were impossible for known aircraft. The object which was seen by hundreds of people, particularly sightseers who flocked to Echo Point Lookout to view the craft as it moved about over the Jamieson Valley, disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared. These events of those 1953 May holidays are still talked about by older residents.However it is not the only spectacular event of its kind to have occured on the Blue Mountains by any means.

Fast Moving Ufo {1952}

During 1952 Mrs. H. Mclean now of Springwood but at that time a resident of Oatley south of Sydney, was sitting in her backyard one afternoon at 2.30pm when she saw a spinning disc-shaped object flying at terrific speed across the sky from east to west. Within minutes residents over a wide area of the Blue Mountains were reporting having sighted what must have been the same object to police and radio stations.

Katoomba {1955}

Another but less publicised event, and one which must have been witnessed by many other residents of the area, occured near Katoomba in 1955 when a bright green object emitting an orange coloured flame, passed over the district from west to east at a height of about 10,000 feet making a roaring sound very much like that of a diesel locomotive. The object which was too high to make any detailed description was seen by Peter Farnell and his brother Cecil near Katoomba. Later that day Peter and Cecil were among the hundreds of people who heard over Sydney radio that a mysterious object had crashed into the sea off Sydney Harbour.

Echo Point {1957}

Then again in 1957 people once more flocked to Echo Point at Katoomba for a second Ufo event. My old friend, the late Alderman Frank Walford, was among the hundreds of other people who observed what must be agreed was a saucer-shaped object. it re-appeared over Katoomba and the Jamieson valley on two successive nights. The object which appeared to have flashing lights flashing on and off, made manouvers that were impossible for any earth-based aircraft. The local police were called in and some of the police officers were among the many eyewitnesses.

Mount Solitary {Katoomba}

Then on the third night an entirely different object appeared in the skies over Katoomba, this time as a clearly defined cigar-shaped craft which floated over Mount Solitary in the centre of Jamieson valley. The RAAF were called in to investigate the matter. And although dozens of people including Alderman Frank Walford were able to verify that the object at times flew low over the Jamieson Valley {and even Katoomba township for that matter}the official RAAF explanation was that the saucer and cigar-shaped objects were the star Canopus! These mysterious craft are certainly emanating from something, somewhere out there in the almost inaccessible reaches of the Kedumba-Burragorang region as Ufologists will surely agree. To anyone who has ever flown over these rugged rock strewn forested valleys of the Blue Mountains, it will become quite obvious that anything at all could survive hereabouts quite unknown to civilisation, and that includes possible extra-terrestrial colonists too.

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Psychic Australian February 1978

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