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Australian UFOs - Through the Window of Time.

Here it is at last, the long-awaited first book on Australian UFOs by one of Australia’s foremost husband and wife UFOlogist teams, Rex and Heather Gilroy.

This book offers new perspectives in Australian UFOlogy, with all new material and thought-provoking mysteries, researched by the Gilroy’s in a lifetime of field research.

In this startling new and refreshing addition to Australian UFO literature the authors argue:

  • That the Uru, the Australian stone-age megalithic civilisation, possessed a highly advanced astronomical science possibly influenced by Extra-Terrestrial colonists in the dim past.

  • That these ET colonists influenced the Uru in the development of a primitive aeronautical technology, suggested by crude flying craft and other “ancient astronaut” rock art found across Australia.

  • That Australian Aboriginal folklore is rich in ‘Dreamtime’ ET visitations and abductions.

  • That advanced super-civilisations in the Cosmos employ “Windows in Time” to conquer the vast distances of space.

  • That somehow American scientists have obtained this “Time Window” technology and are developing it in world-wide top-secret underground research centres.

  • That two of these “UFO Base” research centres are situated in the Blue Mountains of NSW, protected by American and Australian troops.

Learn about the conspiracy of silence surrounding these bases and the mass of UFO sightings being reported throughout the Blue Mountains and across Australia, Alien Abductions from ancient times to the present and more, much more, in this extensively illustrated and researched book.

Price $A50 plus p&h $A7. [Available from the publishers. PO Box 202, Katoomba 2780].

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