Pyramids In The Pacific  

The Unwritten History Of Australia

Chapter 33


Lost Gods Rise Again

Last Mysteries of Pacific Hidden History

"The time will come when diligent research over long

periods will bring to light things which now lie hidden...

Many discoveries are reserved for ages still to come,

when memories of us will have been effaced. Our

universe is a sorry little affair unless it has something

for every age to investigate. Nature does not reveal

her mysteries once and for all."


Natural Questions,

Book 7.

1st century AD

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Ceremonial Site Found by Rex Gilroy

Pyramids in the Pacific Ch 33

We have reached the end of our great adventurous journey through the pages of our "unknown" history, which for me has been an exciting one, for at last I have been able to present the findings of a lifetimes research. If the contents of this book create a renewed interest in our ancient past among my readers, and with it much open-minded discussion and speculation, this book will have served its purpose. I invite comment from readers, and I anticipate that many will express surprise at some of the revelations contained here.

That I have presented evidence for pre-Aboriginal stone-age history of Australia would seem controversial enough,for while it genuinely interests many it will anger others; for in the present-day climate of "political correctness", where historical records, archaeological and other scientific findings are subject to re-interpretation in order to fit current political dogma, such ideas are unpopular. Most of the conclusions reached in this book will therefore be unpopular with conservative, university-based historians, who would prefer that books like this one were prevented from being published, and evidence such as mine kept from public knowledge.

Silencing opinion robs the human race. The public has a right to know and judge for themselves one way or the other what they want to believe, particularly concerning evidence of their origins. I have therefore written this book for the general public, and hope that it will not only make Australians realise how old their country's history is, but gain renewed pride in our truly unique heritage, and work to preserve it for future generations.

My claim that civilisation first spread from Australia, in the form of the 'mother' civilisation of Uru, will certainly arouse considerable comment, and perhaps earn the wrath of all devout Atlantis disciples, for as has already been stated {see Chapter 3, "Pyramids in the Pacific"}, I maintain they were one and the same. It is certain that the accounts of megalithic stone alignments, circles, carved stone heads, pyramids and mystery rock inscriptions found throughout Australia, as well as its island neighbours, will surprise many people, particularly overseas readers.

For too long seekers of knowledge have been guided towards literature concentrating on archaeological mysteries of the Old and New worlds which, without exception overlooked Australia as having nothing to offer cultural diffusionists. Nothing could be further from the truth. As this book has shown, Australia possesses a vast wealth of relics to dispute this misconception. In the course of a lifetime's research I have dug deep into ancient myths and legends worldwide, as well as writings of the classic scholars of the ancient world.

In an effort to read as many of the ancient rock inscriptions found throughout Australia and the west Pacific Islands region, I taught myself to translate Phoenician, Celtic, Egyptian and Libyan script. Parallel with this literary research has been a lifetime of field investigation, carried out alone until I met my wife Heather in 1972; a fortuitous event indeed, for without her devoted assistance the Gympie Pyramid would have gone unknown; the lost pyramid of far north Queensland would have remained just that.

The inscribed stones of Queeensland and New Zealand and many others in New South Wales would never have been found, not to mention many of the megalithic stone monument sites of the Uru civilisation, without all of which this book might never have been written. {Again I am forever in debited to my Wife Heather}. Together we have expanded the hitherto restricted boundaries of Australia history, to show that stone-age humans roamed the continent not thousands but millions of years ago; and the mariners from many ancient civilisations were exploring and mapping our shores before the age of Magellan or Cook...

I have been blessed with incredible luck, in that I have an uncanny ability to 'know' where to search for some new discovery. It is as if some invisible hand directs me in the right direction. Often I have had a dream the symbolism of which predicted the discovery of some important fossil, megalithic site etc, the following day.

And on it goes. What future important and exciting discovery wait us?

"Light will be thrown on the origin of man and his history".

Charles Darwin {1809-1882}

"On the Origin of Species". 1859.

Uruan Rock Inscription