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Pyramids of Destiny - Lost Pacific Colonies of the Bronze-Age God-Kings

Pyramids of Destiny  Book Cover

The Sequel
To Pyramids in the Pacific

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Book Contents
The Rise of Civilisation.
Out of Australia – The Children of URU
Lost Stone-Age Hominid Evolution of Australia
Not From Atlantis – The Rise of Uru
Sunken Lands of Australantis
Pyramid Genesis

World Culture-bearers from Australantis
Old World Voyages to Australantis.
Mesopotamian God-Kings and
the Lost Paradise
Lost Australian Mining Colonies of the Sumerian God-Kings
Indo-Aryans and the Treasures of Paradise
Egyptian Voyages to the Land of Set
The Mummification Mystery
Lost Egypto-Phoenician Colonies
of Queensland’s Far North.
The Mysterious Gympie Pyramid
The Colony of Ham
Ancient Miners of Toowoomba
Ghostly Graves of the Logan Valley
1770 or 1770 BC?
Egypto-Phoenician Colonists of Capricornia
In Search of Clairview’s
Ancient Thoth Worshippers
Egyptian and Phoenician Colonists
of Sarina
Baal Worshippers of Ancient Mackay
Isis of Bowen
Temple builders of Ancient Proserpine
Rex and Heather Gilroy – Uncovering the Lost Mining Kingdom of Pharaoh Tana
Lost Mines of Forgotten Pharaohs
Ptolemaic Colonies of
Queensland’s Far North
Lost Mining Kingdoms of New South Wales
The Lost Pharaohs of Gosford
Horus of Hunter Valley
Lost Egypto-Phoenician Mines
of the Joadja Valley
Baal Worshippers of Katoomba
Sydney’s Forgotten Phoenician Farmers
Twin Pyramids of the
New South Wales South Coast
Ancient Gold-Seekers of
Western New South Wales
The Celto-Phoenician God-Kings
of New England
Unknown Gold Miners of the
Australian Bronze-Age
Egypto-Phoenician Mines of
Victoria and Tasmania
Egyptian Mineral-Hunters of
the Flinders Ranges
Rivers of Ra – The Bronze-Age Mining
of Western Australia
Sun-Worshippers of Central Australia
Egypto-Phoenicians in the Pacific
Pacific Mines of the Lost Pharaohs
New Zealand’s Unknown
Bronze-Age History
Lost Pharaohs of Aotearoa
Searching for New Zealand’s
Hidden History
God-Kings of the New World
Mayan Colonists of Australasia

Pyramids in the Pacific Book Cover

The Original 2001 Book

Pyramids in the Pacific
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Pyramids of Destiny – Lost Pacific Colonies of the Bronze-Age God-Kings
Rex Gilroy & Ancient Script
Rex had just chalked in this faded inscription for photography purposes and made a drawing of the Egypto-Phoenician hieroglyphs when this photo was taken by Heather. The inscription was later translated to read: “The pyramid of stone has been built upright and the land cultivated. Ra’s Eye brings light to cultivate the land. 100 ships of Ra have been carried here by his breath the wind under the protection of his rays of light. Fleets of gold ships of Ra arrive and depart for Dan. Gather for him at the Temple. Burn incense to Ra”.

Photo copyright © Rex Gilroy 2008.

Read Excerpts From
Pyramids of Destiny – Lost Pacific Colonies of the Bronze-Age God-Kings
by Rex & Heather Gilroy Copyright
© Rex Gilroy 2009

“Australian history is almost always picturesque;
indeed it is so curious and strange,
that it is itself the chiefest novelty the country has to offer,
and so it pushes all other novelties into second and third place.

It does not read like history but like the most beautiful lies.
And all of a fresh new sort, no mouldy old stale ones.
It is full of surprises, and adventures, and incongruities,
and contradictions, and incredibilities; but they are all true, they all happened”.

Mark Twain: Following the Equator [1891]

”Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognised.

In the first, it is ridiculed.
In the second, it is opposed.
In the third, it is regarded as self evident.”

Arthur Schopenhauer [1788-1860]

The lost history of New Zealand is still being written by enthusiastic
field researchers, among whom are the Gilroys…

“Men will dig up the roots of plants, and will find out
their juices qualities.
Men will observe the nature of the stones.
Men will dissect not only animals irrational, but they’ll dissect themselves, desiring to find out how they were made.
They will stretch out their daring hands e’en to the sea,
and cutting self-grown forests down will ferry
one another o’er to lands beyond.

Men will seek out as well the inner nature of the holy spaces which
no foot may tread, and will chase after them into the height,
desiring to observe the nature of the motion of the heavens.

These are yet moderate things which they will do.
For nothing more remains than Earth’s
Remotest realms: nay, in their daring they will track
out night. The farthest night of all”

Ancient Egyptian prophecy, 1500 BC.

Forbidden History – The Conspiracy of Silence

This book, like its predecessor, has not been written for the approval of a university professor, but for the average Australian reader to judge for themselves the veracity of the evidence about to be presented. “Pyramids in the Pacific” was a heretical volume and this sequel is no different. The authors believe that the time has come for all Australians to resist what can only be described as the gradual erosion of our freedoms, free speech in particular.

Our politicians appear to be under the thumb of minority political groups and fearful of losing votes at elections unless they do the bidding of these largely left-wing activists. Ever since the government gave Aboriginal activists the right to re-claim their ‘sacred’ fossil skeletal remains from government museums and universities for the purpose of re-burial, the nation has been deprived of priceless fossil material vital to the study of human evolution in Australia.

As a result, the Australian scientific community is losing archaeologists and anthropologists to overseas institutions where their talents are more appreciated, and they can excavate without interference from ‘activists’. Australia is now the brunt of ridicule among overseas scientists, as we have become known as the only country in the world re-burying its past! Yet there is more to the seizure of government-owned fossil human remains than mere reburial. For generations Australians have been led to believe that our Aboriginal people are the “first Australians’, having arrived here from island south-east Asia by at least 50,000 years ago.

While this book was being written there were moves afoot to have this concept enshrined in our Constitution. Happily the motion was defeated in parliament. It would in fact, have been highly inaccurate to officially declare our Aborigines to be the “first Australians” for there is evidence to demonstrate that Man was present on this continent long before the appearance of the earliest Australoids.

By having our Aborigines enshrined in our Constitution in the name of ‘political correctness’ as the “First Australians” seemed a good idea to politicians who know next to nothing about archaeology, and are only concerned about how many votes they may get in return, however they were unable to see what the future results would have been as a result of their thoughtless actions. The fact is that it is in the best interests of the ‘activists’ for it would have seen all scientific research [at least what research would be permitted by them] concentrated exclusively upon Aboriginal prehistory.

And, if this “first Australians” concept was ever to be revived and become law at some time in the future, it would effectively silence opposing voices of scientists possessing contradictory evidence. As Chapter One is about to demonstrate at length, the ‘contradictory’ evidence is overwhelming! Yet there is an undoubted conspiracy of silence surrounding all evidence of our nation’s “hidden history” of Stone-Age human occupation, and there is hardly one university-based researcher who has the courage to speak out for fear of losing their “scientific credibility”, if not their job, and for fear of the orchestrated ridicule of university leftists and the media.

Their arguments will be met with cries of ‘absurd’ and that cheap and popular term so beloved of leftists – ‘racist’! The above treatment is not reserved exclusively for those within the university establishment. ‘Troublemakers’ on the outside, such as Rex Gilroy, who persist in “causing trouble” by speaking out, and encouraging the general public to question and draw their own opinions, can always expect the condemnation of academics and ‘activists’ alike.

Make no mistake reader, free speech is not only openly under attack, it is being gradually, silently eroded, and being replaced by “political correctness”! There are academics so biased that they would welcome the banning of all literature and television documentaries concerning the ‘Unexplained’, be it Cryptozoology, relict hominology, UFOs and ancient astronauts, psychic phenomena, lost civilisations and ancient cross-ocean cultural diffusion [the latter being the subject of this book].

Has not the average layperson a right to draw their own opinion? We surely must live in dangerous times when a troublesome politician can be jailed, just to silence the heretic for the benefit of opposing political parties. The authors know that newspaper files on one Rex Gilroy have been kept and added to by more than one university academic. Some of these files are gathered out of mere interest, hopefully by some more open-minded individual, while others are ‘hate’ files, ie ‘evidence’ of ‘heretical’ activity for later use!

When “Pyramids in the Pacific” was published in 2000, Sydney-based academics alarmed at its immediate popularity decided that something had to be done. A ‘delegation’ in the form of two associates, one an aging former politician, was dispatched by the concerned professors [who were probably too cowardly to show themselves].

The old irate gentleman informed Heather and I that we should have first presented the manuscript to an un-named ‘prominent’ professor of history for ‘approval’ before publishing it, and that now we would have to remove our book from sale until it could be re-edited by the ‘prominent’ professor, who would tell us what we would have to remove and what we could retain. THEN we would be permitted to resume publication of our book! Such arrogance did not go unchallenged.

Naturally we countered that the public has a right to draw their own opinion of the evidence presented in the book. Before the ‘delegation’ left in failure, I showed them several boxes of ancient rock inscriptions and other relics, at the sight of which the ‘delegates’ were aghast, and refused to even look at a 4000 BC period Canaanite Phoenician burial marker I attempted to thrust into the hands of one of them.

Obviously they did not like what they saw. Let’s put it another way - It’s not supposed to exist, it’s not allowed to exist and therefore it must not exist! In 2000 as the first book of our newly formed URU Publications publishing company, my wife Heather and I released “Pyramids in the Pacific – the Unwritten History of Australia”. The success of this book has been so phenomenal that we have had to produce continuing reprints!

Yet even before I had finished writing that book a sequel was already forming in my mind. I realised that, while “Pyramids in the Pacific” dealt with the many maritime peoples of antiquity who found and colonised our shores, long before the arrival of the first Dutch mariners or Lieutenant James Cook RN, the limitations of space precluded a more detailed description of the known Bronze-Age and [later] Iron-Age colonies of the Old World cultures, principally those of the Near and Middle-East, who once trod this land.

Now, with “Pyramids of Destiny – Lost Pacific Colonies of the Bronze-Age God-Kings”, Heather and I are able to reveal what can only be described as a truly startling, awesome picture, of a forgotten history of discovery, exploration, colonisation and mining, not by hundreds but thousands of people, who established widely-scattered settlements and great cities in Australia, rivalling in size those of the Old World, to be ruled over by God-Kings who were the equal of any beyond these shores.

Therefore, as with its predecessor, this book concerns itself with our ‘unwritten’ history, yet with a difference, for while new evidence is presented on the extent of Bronze and Iron Age colonisation and mining throughout Australia and its island neighbours, the reader will learn about the daily lives of the colonists and their rulers, gleaned from the translations of hundreds of rock inscriptions uncovered by my wife Heather and I as well as other people over the years.

The reader will follow Heather and I, and our assistants, sharing in the many adventures we have had [and continue to have!] in our Australia-wide searches, as well as those we continue to have on our investigations in New Zealand.

We see this book as being more than merely a history of ancient culture-contact with Australasia to rival the pre-Columbian history of the Americas; for in revealing the countless archaeological discoveries being made by us in the modern-day search for Australia’s “hidden history”, we believe that we are encouraging historical researchers of the future to discard the stuffy restrictions of the text book and become fired with the same spirit of adventure which drives us on our continuing search for evidence of our ‘unknown’ past.

Come with us now, as we uncover mystery ruins and lost pyramids in the Australian scrublands and jungles, uncover ancient cities and settlements and countless weathering rock inscriptions, altars and idols of a host of ancient colonists, whose presence here is something about which conservative university-based scholars would prefer the average Australian knew nothing about.

That ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians and their allies were present in the whole Australasian region thousands of years before the arrival of the first Dutch mariners or James Cook, remains a preposterous and ‘impossible’ proposition to Australian university academics. Yet the evidence continues to grow. Indeed, it is overflowing the barriers of old, out-of-date historical conformitism.

Hardly a week passes than Heather and I, often together with our select team of trusted field assistants, uncover another ruin or other relic. We frequently carry out field searches in Queensland, uncovering the remains of the vast Bronze and late Iron Age mining activities that were carried out there by the Egyptians, Phoenicians and others.

And as often as we are able to raise the finance, Heather and I continue a search which we began in 1980, to uncover evidence of ancient civilisation contact and colonisation in New Zealand, evidence which has for too long been suppressed by a conservative historical establishment, which persists in championing the “politically correct” dogma of “nobody before the Maori”!

Yet Heather and I believe that the public has a right to know these secrets of our ancient past and through open-minded discussion draw their own opinion, rather than be told what to think. Therefore a great many surprises await the reader as we uncover the ‘lost’ history of this continent of ours; a history which has the potential to re-write not only the history of Australia, but also that of the World!

Rex and Heather Gilroy.
Katoomba, NSW.
Saturday 12th June 2008

Forbidden History – The Conspiracy of Silence

“Today honest inquirers after knowledge object to being gulled by mere pretenders
even if these boast the titles of doctor and professor in a university”.

Augustus Le Plongeon MD.

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