Rex & Heather Gilroy Expeditions 1965-2007

Australian Aboriginal myth and legend speaks of a race of ‘culture-heroes’ that inhabited the land before them in the long-ago ‘Dreamtime’, and who had passed on much of their culture to the Aborigines.

These ‘culture-heroes’ are variously described as being pale or white-skinned; that they shaped many natural geological features, and erected many, often truly monolithic rock formations, and worshipped the Sun, Moon and Stars.

They gave the Aborigines laws and passed on elements of their religion, such as Sun, Earth-Mother and Sky-Father worship, and other aspects of their ceremonial life. They taught the Aboriginal warriors the use of the woomera in spear throwing and the manufacture of the boomerang.

These traditions convinced me, over forty years ago, that an advanced megalithic monument-building people had inhabited Australia.

Stone Alignments

Rex and Alignment
Rex Standing alongside Stone Alignment


Rex Gilroy mapping the first alignment. The “Bathurst Stonehenge” Uruan astronomical culture center covers an area of over 10 square kilometers.
Photo copyright © Rex Gilroy 2004.


Yet, when I published my theory in the press, I was immediately attacked by establishment archaeologists and historians, with the familiar cries of ‘impossible’ and that I was wasting my time and money, searching for something that was nothing more than an Aboriginal myth!

Nevertheless, my theory led me on a search which culminated, one January day in 1965, while exploring dense scrubland overlooking a Blue Mountains valley, in the discovery of an extensive culture centre of crumbling sandstone mounds, altar stones in the forms of serpent and eagle motifs, and other structures.

Meeting my wife Heather in 1972 we became a ‘team’ determined to locate, map, measure and photograph every megalithic site we could find.
Learning of mystery stone arrangements found in widely scattered areas of central western NSW, in 1974 we began extensive field investigations thereabouts that continue to the present day.

The first of these sites, located in the Bathurst district, confirmed my theory that Australia was once the home of an advanced, megalithic civilisation. We shall study the Bathurst structures later.

URU–The Lost Civilisation of Australia
URU – The Lost Civilisation of Australia 1965-2007 © Rex Gilroy 2007
URU–The Lost Civilisation of Australia