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Rex Gilroy hopes to inspire other future researchers to follow his example and dare to question long-established dogmas of our prehistory and, like him, reveal evidence for long-hidden mysteries about which the scientific establishment would prefer we knew nothing.

Excerpts from the 2006 Book Out Of The Dreamtime - The Search For Australasia's Unknown Animals. Part Three – Lions and tigers of the Australian Bush. Chapter Seven – What is the Queensland Tiger? Chapter Eight – Australia’s Mysterious Marsupial Lions – Meat-Eaters of the Miocene. Chapter Nine – The “Australian Panther” – Big Cats of the Bushland.

Rex & Heather Gilroy

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Rex and Heather Gilroy-Australia's Top 'Unexplained' Mysteries Research Team. Photos & Text copyright (c) Rex & Gilroy Heather 2010
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Ancient Aboriginal Traditions

Copyright © Rex Gilroy 2003

Moving on to South Australia we come to a state where, like Victoria, European settlers’ tales of ‘panther’ encounters date back to the 19th century and are still commonplace today.

Ancient Aboriginal traditions from over a wide area of the state tell of the giant black furry monster that terrorised the tribespeople in the long-ago ‘Dreamtime’. They say these shiny, black-furred carnivores roam the Flinders Ranges, where they have dwelt since the Dreamtime, living upon the marsupial population, attacking and eating anyone who happens to come upon their lairs.

Mt Gambier 1975

Copyright © Rex Gilroy 2003

Back in 1987 the author was informed by Mr Quentin Higgs, of an experience he had with one of these creatures back in 1975.

“I was near Mt Gambier [in the state’s south-east] fishing with a mate. While we were sitting on an embankment overlooking a creek, I noticed a large black-furred animal walking along the opposite bank. The country hereabouts is low scrub. The animal, seeing us, bounded over rocks along the creek bank, then up into a large, dead, fallen hollow gum tree trunk.

We estimated the animal, which was cat-like in appearance, had a body 1.22m in length, with a tail about 76cm to 92cm long. The animal stood 61cm on all fours.”

It was an animal of this description - but displaying large canine teeth from its snarling mouth - that confronted two bushwalkers in the northern Flinders Ranges one morning in 1966, as they rounded the bend of a mountain track.

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Kangaroo Valley: If, as I maintain, we are dealing with a still unknown species of giant marsupial cat related to Thylacoleo, then we can cancel out the 'panther' feral cat theory. Undoubtedly, feral cats make up a large percentage of Kangaroo Valley 'panther' reports, but a comparison of physical descriptions and plaster casts of 'panther' paw-prints certainly distinguishes this animal from any feral cat.
Rex & Heather Gilroy
Rex and Heather Gilroy-Australia's Top 'Unexplained' Mysteries Research Team.
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