Pyramids In The Pacific  

The Unwritten History Of Australia

Chapter 2

Dawn of The God Kings -Uru- The Lost Megalithic Civilisation of Australia

"And on this point he {Poseidonius} does well to cite the

statement of Plato that it is possible that the story

about the island of Atlantis is not fiction. Concerning island no smaller in size than a continent".

Strabo {64BC-AD20}

Geography 11,3,6

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Rex and Stone-Head

What is it like to suddenly realise that you are the discoverer of an hitherto unknown 'lost' civilisation? Words cannot describe the feeling at the moment I realised I had made such a discovery, and the enormous importance it had for Australian and World History.

I suppose the nearest description one could give of my feelings, would compare them with the excitement of Heinrich Schliemann, when he discovered the 'mythical' lost city of Troy in 1873. Schliemann [1822-1890} influenced more by his interpretation of the writings of the ancients, than by the negative scholarship of his day, scorned by protests of 'learned' university professors, who said he was wasting his time and money searching for a city that was nothing more than a myth born in the mind of Homer. Schliemann, as every history student knows, proved them all wrong.

Many other important discoveries were made by this great amateur archaeologist, all of which earned him the animosity of the university establishment, who argued his findings were questionable because of his lack of academic qualifications. The charge that he was not a qualified scholar stemmed from the academic conceit, which rates university degrees, even if secured by the most mediocre minds, above genius. Genius Schliemann truly was. Today he is regarded as one of the greatest archaeologists who ever lived.

Scattered across the Australian landscape stand great grey stones weathered with age, arranged in a variety of formations; circles, alignments, single standing stones, tombs and temples; granduous monolithic structures forming great cultural centres of religious and astronomical importance, whose construction would have demanded architectural planning on a grand scale, and the participation of thousands of labourers.

They are megaliths, the monuments of along-vanished race that once spread its advanced stone-age culture across the Earth, from the Australian/West Pacific islands northwards to the furthest reaches of Asia and westward across Europe.

They were the work of the earliest civilisation known to mankind. Who the builders were, their achievements, and why they vanished are mysteries that have long perplexed scholars. No official systematic census has yet been carried out on these monuments, but at least 50,000 of them are known throughout western Europe alone. Thousands more stand across mainland and island south-east Asia and still more in Australia.

Pyramids in the Pacific Images Ch 2

The Serpent Altar Discovered 1965 by Rex Gilroy

The Eagle

The Serpent Altar Frontal View