Pyramids in the Pacific

"Don't let your minds be cluttered up with the prevailing doctrine".

Alexander Fleming {1881-1995}

  Pyramids in the Pacific

This is a book of Historical Anthropological and Archaeological heresies, and has not been written for the approval of a university professor, but for the average Australian reader to judge for themselves the veracity of the evidence I present. The origins of this book can be traced back to 1976 at the height of the worldwide "Paperback Revolution", when there was massive demand for books on ancient worldwide "unexplained" mysteries. Our bookshops were saturated with titles from Europe and America, and many Australians were reading with awe the marvels of Tiahuanaco, Easter Island, Europe's megalithic stone monuments and the pyramids of Egypt.

More books would follow, repeating the same information, the only change appearing to be the re-arrangement of the order of chapter subjects, and photographs. To add to the boredom were more books on Atlantis and Lemuria, as if the seemingly thousands of titles already published on these sunken lands were still not enough! What particularly annoyed me about all this literature was that, with few exceptions, there was no mention of the many mysterious archaeological finds made in Australia, and when Australia was mentioned, it was only in passing.

It was half-informed statements like these made by overseas writers, mostly Americans, who had not bothered to study our history, geography, or any other aspects of Australia at any depth that concerned me, and it became all the more annoying when I found that, while average Australians reading this literature were quite prepared to blindly accept the existence of 'lost' civilisations hidden deep in South American jungles; on lonely Pacific Islands, or as in the case of Atlantis, sunk beneath the waters of the Atlantic Ocean; they would often scoff at any suggestion that Australia could possibly posses similar, perhaps even far more ancient archaeological treasures.

I saw a real need for a book on Australia's hidden history, but very wisely I did not rush one into print, for even though I had already uncovered the "Gympie Pyramid" {QLD} in 1975 and was currently researching the "Bathurst Stonehenge" and had already uncovered a number of other important finds, I realised that much still had to be done if a book of merit was to be produced.

A seemingly endless amount of field work was begun by my wife Heather and I which continues to take us far and wide. Besides correspondence with fellow cultural diffusionists worldwide, we have dug deep into ancient manuscripts, frequently requesting many a rare, generally unknown 19th century or earlier mediaeval book from puzzled library staff members.

Over the years in the course of gathering materials for this book, we have been very fortunate to have made many startling discoveries. These finds, particularly the growing number of stones bearing Phoenician, Celtic, Egyptian and other ancient scripts, have added greatly to our knowledge of mining activities in Australia during Bronze Age times, lately further enhanced by discoveries made by us in New Zealand.

There is just far, far too much information to include in one book, particularly the mass of evidence gathered concerning the Australian 'lost' megalithic civilisation; therefore the reader can expect a book from me on this great mystery in the not too distant future

With the publication of "Pyramids in the Pacific" I in fact begin a series of books on our 'unwritten' history, aimed at making Australians aware of the great treasures of archaeological mysteries to be found in this timeless land. This book, packed as it is with information will, I feel certain, leave no doubts in the minds of average thinking Australians, that our history is far older than has hitherto been thought possible.

"Today honest inquirers after knowledge object to being guided by mere pretenders, even if these boast the titles of doctor and professor in a university".

Augustus Le Plongeon MD {1826-1908}

As I have said this is a book of heresies, and as I have always been a 'stirrer', encouraging people to keep an open mind and question the blind dogmas and historical conformitism, heresy comes natural to me. I have always enjoyed writing newspaper and magazine articles on my various researches, and while these have always been of great interest to the general public, they have been a continual source of annoyance to conservative historians and scientists. Some years ago one academic was heard to say that I was a "dangerous free thinker" and that "people like Rex Gilroy should be locked up where they can't cause any trouble".

Surely this man was not serious, but those academics who might contemplate such measures in defence of their text books, would do well to remember the words of Themistocles to the over-hasty Eurybiades:

"Strike, but hear me first!"

There is a conspiracy of silence surrounding the issues raised in this book, and all too often any researcher in the halls of academia, who dares to step outside the confining boundaries of the text book, in whatever field, is in for a hard time; and nowhere is this more pronounced than in the relating disciplines of Anthropology, History and Archaeology.

As this author knows only too well, they will label anyone a "racist" who dares to even suggest that there just might have been an earlier stone-age Australian inhabitants than the Aborigine: And any historian who dares to question the conservative, "nobody before the Dutch" view of Australia's discovery and exploration, can surely expect a tirade of ridicule and abuse and every effort made to silence the offender in the lecture hall and in the media.

Similar tactics are employed by New Zealand conservative elements against any 'racist' who has the courage to present evidence proving there were earlier inhabitants of that country than the Polynesians. Following my discovery of the "Gympie Pyramid" my media announcements were quickly followed by the usual academic rubbishing and the quick suppression of an ABC television Sunday News feature of the structure before it was to go to air.

Similarly, over the years there have been a number of other attacks upon my researchers {some quite slanderous}, and efforts made to prevent me from publishing my discoveries in various newspapers. And of course our phone is often tapped!

If many conservative academics had their way, all books dealing with 'unexplained' {particularly archaeological} mysteries would be barred from publication. It would appear that many university-based historians and archaeologists feel threatened by the presence of ancient unexplainable relics and megalithic structures that persist in turning up throughout Australia and its island neighbours.

Thus my evidence for an Australian origin for the earliest modern humans, and the earliest human megalithic civilisation has received cries of "impossible" and that I am 'distorting' our history with such statements; yet these 'experts' have never troubled themselves to inspect my evidence, so as to draw an unbiased opinion.

Their belief appears to be that such evidence does not exist, it is not supposed to exist, and therefore it mustn't.

Regardless of their protests, relics like the Gympie Pyramid, and the standing stones, stone circles and large carved heads of the Australian 'lost' megalithic civilisation just will not go away; and not a year passes that further mystery ruins and rock inscriptions, left here by many ancient, known and unknown seafaring peoples are uncovered.


Victor Gollancz, in his inspiring book "Gods, Graves and Scholars" {1967} says:

"Who dares claim that the archaeologists have dug up all possible cultural vestiges? Throughout the world are scattered monuments which, standing alone and mysterious, have yet to yield the secret of the culture that gave them being."

"Distorting" our history?

The presentation of fossil remains of stone-age races that preceded the Aboriginal people; relics, rock inscriptions, ancient records, maps or any other evidence proving Australia was known and visited hundreds, even thousands of years before the age of Magellan, can only enhance, not 'distort' out history; creating a feeling of immense pride among Australians, at just how ancient the history of this land really is.

Yet my claims that the first modern humans {ie Homo sapiens} evolved in Australia together with the first civilisation, remains an unacceptable proposition to conservative scholars who still protest that the first modern humans evolved in Africa, and that we must look to the Old World for the origins of human civilisation.

Yet, I declare that the "out of Africa" and "out of Europe-Asia" traditional view is in error, and that we must think in terms of "out of Australia" for our origins.


The word impossible is found only in the dictionary of fools!

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio

than are dreamed of in your philosophy.'

William Shakespeare {1565-1616}

Hamlet Act 1, Scene 5.

When the great Greek Philosopher, Socrates {469-399 BC} was tired and condemned to drink the cup of hemlock for "corrupting the minds of the young", he had by no means been the first great mind to be silenced by those who fear unpleasant truths, nor would he be the last. The pages of world history are filled with the names of great thinkers who dared to question the conservative, stifling, narrow-minded religious, political, historical and other dogmas of their day. Many of these enlightened minds, both men and women, paid with their lives for thier views.

This book is dedicated to them all.

In the words of the great 20th century philosopher, Manly Palmer Hall {"Secret Teachings of All Ages" 1928}:

"The world fears a mind who thinks more rapidly and more accurately than its own: such an intellect it destroys, in self protection. Hence, to think is to be prosecuted by the thoughtless: to have vision is to be hated by the visonless; to be wise is to be reviled by fools."

I anticipate the contents of this book will create the usual {and rather amusing} protests from desk-confined scholars. Yet the truth will triumph nonetheless and change is inevitable. The public has been "programmed" with the 'official' accepted version of our nation's beginnings for far too long, and wish to draw their own conclusions.

As this book reveals, the feet of many maritime civilisations of the ancient world have trod our soil, and more importantly, Australia was the birthplace of modern humans, the same modern humans who were to create the earliest civilisation on this earth, right here in Australia.

Australians need no longer look to Easter Island, the pyramids of Mexico and Egypt or England's Stonehenge for inspiration. Look instead to our own 'lost' civilisation and all the other fantastic enigmas of this ancient land, for too long overlooked. The time has come for Australians to stop the "cultural cringe" to other lands. We need no more look to the Old World for our origins, more likely they should look to us for there's.