Pyramids in the Pacific


I wish to express my deepest gratitude to the following people, without whose assistance over many years, this book might not have been written.

Bill Gilroy

My late father, Mr W. F {Bill Gilroy}, who introduced me to the Central West, where we found the first stone megatools of the 'Bathurst Giants' and the Tarana Skulls, and who unearthed the Egyptian axe blade at Lapstone Gorge, and whose tales during my childhood of old castles in his native Scotland, inspired within me a deep interest in Ancient History and Archaeology, which has resulted in this book.

Kenneth Beames

The Late Kenneth Beames, who in numerous meetings over the years at his Linden Observatory, revealed to me his enlightened knowledge of advanced 'lost' civilisations of the past during discussions which often stretched into the wee small hours.

John Dean

John Dean of Gympie Queensland, for his invaluable assistance in the field, during our initial measuring of the 'Gympie Pyramid' and other ancient sites we found in the district during the 1970's.

Fred From

Fred From of Buaraba Queensland, who has provided invaluable assistance to my wife Heather and I, in our search for evidence of the Australian 'lost' civilisation in the border ranges.

Ian Fenton

Ian Fenton of Maryborough Queensland, for his encouragement and assistance in the field during our investigations of the 'Singleton Pyramid', and in the Gympie district.

Don Boyd, Geoff Holland and Evan Rainer

Don Boyd, Geoff Holland of Sydney and Evan Rainer of Wentworth Falls, with whom I have searched the rugged wilds of the Blue Mountains over the years.

The Late Don Boyd, former editor of Psychic Australian {later re-titled 'Strange Phenomenon'}Magazine, who encouraged me for years to write books on my various researchers, and with "Mysterious Australia" {NEXUS 1995}, and now, "Pyramids in the Pacific" {Uru Publications} I have finally begun to do so.

I am also indebted to fellow author, Evan Rainer for his invaluable advice on publishing and computer matters.

Andrew Lees and Eric Spinney

Andrew Lees and Eric Spinney, my fellow Blue Mountains historical researchers, with whom I have researched ancient megalithic sites throughout this vast region, and searched for giant hominid fossil foot impressions in the Kanangra Boyd wilderness.

John Gibbs

The late John Gibbs of Eagleby Queensland, whose donation of a Ptolemy 6th bronze coin, found by him in the Glenoth {Victoria} sand hills, has led me to discover evidence of an ancient Middle-East presence in the Murray-Darling River systems.

Duncan Roads and David Hatcher Childress

Duncan Roads publisher of NEXUS Magazine {Queensland}, and American publisher-explorer, David Hatcher Childress, who together encouraged me to write my first book "Mysterious Australia".

It was David who aptly christened me 'Australia's Charles Fort' for my lifetimes researches into all manner of Australian 'unexplained mysteries'.

Dr. Allen Roberts

Dr. Allen Roberts of Sydney, for his encouragement in writing this book, and for his particular kindness in introducing Heather and I to the Egyptian hieroglyph site near Gosford, which has turned out to be the 'key' to all other ancient Middle-East finds made along the Hawkesbury-Nepean Rivers and nearby Blue Mountains.

Yvonne and Gary Stephens

Across the Tasman are a number of fellow New Zealand researchers whose assistance has also been invaluable. Yvonne and Gary Stephens of Kerikeri, who for the past 20 years have supplied me with valuable information concerning pre-Polynesian New Zealand contacts

Noel Hilliam  

Noted Dargaville skindiver and maritime historian, of Dargaville Maritime Museum, Noel Hilliam, who has kindly provided up-to-date information concerning Portuguese and Spanish shipwrecks on the North Island west coast.

Ian Lucas and Peter Watkins

Ian Lucas and Peter Watkins of Tauranga, who have tirelessly assisted me in the field.

Brian Sheppard

Lastly Brian Sheppard of Waihi, who has found primitive stone tools supporting my claims that Homo erectus penetrated to New Zealand during Pleistocene times.

Claire Allan and all the staff of the Tamworth City Library and Information Service

A very special 'Thank You is due to Claire Allan and all the staff of the Tamworth City Library and Information Service, for the many hours they must have spent tracking down often rare and little-known books and manuscripts through the State Library of New South Wales.

Margarita Peloche, and all the very patient staff of the State Library General Reference Library

This special 'thank you' is also extended to Margarita Peloche, and all the very patient staff of the State Library General Reference Library, for the loan of this valuable material.

My deepest gratitude to you all, for much of the Middle Ages, Japanese and island south-east Asia information contained in this book was due to all your tireless efforts

Now a Special "Thank You" to three more special people

Michael Porter

To Michael Porter, Computer graphic Artist extraordinaire of Brisbane Queensland, for the excellent cover he designed for this book.

Greg Foster

Greg Foster of Blacktown NSW for all the many hours that he put into scanning the photographs in preparation for the printing of this book, as well as his valued assistance in this field.

Louis Postruzin

Louis Postruzin of Sydney, fellow archaeologist, historian and foremost authority on the cultures of Easter Island and the Americas, for his kindness in supplying me with photographs for use in this and future books as well as some of the information used in the text.

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor, for assisting me more recently in the Blue Mountains Uruan sites whenever Heather has been unable to assist me.

My devoted and ever-patient wife Heather,

Once again, I would like to thank my devoted and ever-patient wife Heather, who has helped me to record and photograph pyramids, megalithic stone arrangements, rock inscriptions and other relics in the course of our field work throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as the final typing and formatting of the manuscript.If by chance I have overlooked the names of other helpers, please consider this a sincere and personal thank-you for your valuable assistance.

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