Australasian Ufologist Articles 1999-2001 By Rex Gilroy

These following pages are articles I have written for Australasian

Ufologist which is a Bi-Monthly Australian Publication.

As every member of the Blue Mountains Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Group knows, from regular reports in our Group's newsletter, since late 1999 there has been an increasing number of strange lights and objects sighted in the southernmost region of the Burragorang Valley, south of Katoomba beyond Mt. Solitary. 

Australian Ufologist Magazine takes pleasure in announcing the publication, in December 1999 of the most startling and sensational book ever written on the 'unwritten' history of Australia; the long awaited "Pyramids in the Pacific", by Rex Gilroy. This book contains the results of 35 years research by Rex Gilroy, Australia's foremost researcher of unexplained mysteries.

As an open-minded field researcher of Australia's ancient past and 'unexplained' mysteries generally, I have never been able to accept the 'traditional' view that the first stone-age inhabitants of Australia were the Aborigines. Spurred on by this belief, in the mid-1960's I began an extensive field investigation in search of supportive evidence for my theory. After a three year search I stumbled upon an extinct Pleistocene [ice age] course of the Macquarie river near Bathurst, in central western New South Wales. Projecting from a former bank of this river at one site, I discovered numbers of massive stone implements; hand-axes, clubs, adzes, knives, hammer-stones and other tools, ranging in weights of from 5.5 to 16.5 kg.


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