Ancient Australians and Many More Surprises

Don Boyd

My Deepest Gratitude goes to Don Boyd

The late Don Boyd, editor of "Psychic Australian" (later renamed "Strange Phenomena"") magazine, for giving me my first major breakthrough as a writer during the mid-1970's and early 1980's. Don urged me to produce a book of merit on the Yowie/"hairy man" mystery.

My latest book "Giants From the Dreamtime The Yowie in Myth and reality is largely due to his encouragement, and I am certain he would be delighted with the results. Through "Psychic Australian" and also his later science fiction magazine "Futuristic Tales", Don Boyd gave many young writers their start.

His magazines were podiums for the presentation of theories and evidence backing them up, with conventional, conservative university-based scientists and historians found unacceptable, but then Don Boyd didnt give a damn about 'convention, anymore than his loyal followers today, including this author!.

My last happy memory of Don is the image of him standing upright, precariously upon the tallest pinnacle of the Ruined Castle rock formation, in Jamieson Valley below Katoomba NSW, during our last (October 1999) Yowie investigation together with Geoff Holland and Evan Rainer.

Don (who told no one of his battle with cancer) thought nothing of heights anymore than he thought nothing of the establishment. Well done old mate!

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Psychic Australian

Psychic Australian June 1976

From Psychic Australian June 1976

Ancient Australians

Egyptian relics have been found in Australia, the Spaniards and Dutch were here long before Capt Cook. Read this and you'll know where to report those funny carvings youve always wondered about on the north forty.

Rex Gilroy is an Archaeologist, Natural History Consultant and Curator of the Mount York Natural History Museum near Katoomba, NSW and also runs "Rex Gilroys Museum of Natural History" at the Scenic Skyway, Katoomba. He is a many-faceted oldestone of research data and travels widely to investigate the arcane history of our continent. Article by Rex Gilroy. This Issue

Hi, there, readers.

Things are starting to happen here at our head quarters, more or less as we envisioned. If you recall our editorial last month, we said we saw "Psychic Australian' as a central co-ordinator for all those little groups out there who have no financial base for advertising themselves and getting in touch with other like-minded groups.

Already we have had a phone call volunteering an article from a member of the Ufo Search out Orange way, who will give us the background to the Yowies sightings to the far south-west of Sydney.

We know that one large Sydney daily which ran the story on Yowies back in back in May, 1975, killed any follow-up, despite the tremendous response it produced. Their advertiser don't like anything that causes un-ease because it can result in a drop in sales.

A number of people have written to us to tell of close encounters with Ufo's. Some of these people have been in contact with Ufo occupants regularly and are nor exhibiting full blown psychic talents, including accurate glimpses of the future.

We are one by one getting around to visiting them, and will do an in-depth interview with the most fantastic ones, as well as accumulate a panel of psychics to forecast significant events in Australia's future.

Rex Gilroy, a well known Investigator of Australia's unmapped past, writes for us this month to quell the pile of letters to the Editor asking about Egyptian relics found across this mighty continent. Rex's article sets out the basic background, and he'll be doing future works on other aspects, as well as venturing into his naturalist speculations on the Yowie one of which he has seen at close quarters in the Jamieson Valley, Katoomba.

Meanwhile, keep those cards and letters coming in folks, we don't know what you want to see articles on unless you put pen to paper and tell us.

Peace, The Editor G.S Rixon

Dear Editor

I was surprised about there being a hairy cavemen in Australia like the Himalayan Yeti. Why havent the newspapers got on to this?

Are there any books on the subject? I will keep buying your magazine to find out more about these things and I hope you write more articles on them and I hope we find out if anyone can get some pictures.

Les Fuller, Barton, A.C.T

Psychic Australian August 1976 

From Psychic Australian August 1976

Apemen In Australia

Giant hairy primates are sighted here regularly.

Field Naturalist Rex Gilroy museum is at the Scenic Skyway, Katoomba. His article on pre-Anglo visitors including Egyptians, raised a storm and his next article is no less amazing. Article by Rex Gilroy. This Issue

Having looked at and traipsed around the Yowie locale for instance and speaking with Rex Gilroy, I would be so bold as to say Australia will be the first to get photographs of the Yowie, which quite possibly is similar to the American Bigfoot and the Himalayan Yeti. Rex is somewhat towards saying this creature is a being and not a beast, so there's food for thought.

Whispers and Rumours

Giant Paw Prints

Two prints found in mud near Wandandian Creek ,NSW, by a Nowra man while prospecting are about five times the size of dingo tracks found in the area.The prospector said the two prints distinctly showed the marks of claws on the mysterious animal's foot.

The man suggested they could be the prints of the panther reported by the Shoalhaven and Nowra News to the abroad in the Cambewarra range.

Bathurst Stonehenge

A man has reported a mystifying series of stone alignments near Bathurst, NSW, running in two straight lines a couple of miles. The stones are placed a few feet apart and weigh upto 100lb.

Nearby is a circle of large boulders with three Menhir type stones roughly pointing north-west and about six feet apart. Since the Mudgee Stonehenge is well-known it may be confusion between the Mudgee/Bathurst areas.

Yowie Prints

Forrestry Commission man, Alf Myers, is baffled by huge prints composed of a wide oval shape with toes in wild terrain back of Mt Canobolas, NSW, next to the state forest. The prints were immense and could not have been made by Kangaroos.

The rugged area is used only by bushwalkers and trailbikers. A search organised this time last year after sightings of the thing by farmers and cattlemen found their stock mauled.

Psychic Australian October 1976 

From Psychic Australian October 1976

And There Were Giants

Fossil Australians could have been 12 ft tall and 600 lbs.

Olduvai Gorge in the mighty rift valley in Africa has been the site of discovery of humanoid bones that have pushed back the age for mans' Ancestors. Here in Australia however the four-wheel drive wanderer is able to come across equally unique fossil beds. naturalist Rex Gilroy recounts his painstaking analyses of Gigantic Fossils. Article by Rex Gilroy.This Issue

Abominable Aussie

Lots of Yowie activity down Kosciusko way again. Rex Gilroy says an associate of his has some good photos in snow of the Big Fella's prints. The Queenbeyan Age relates several recent witnesses there of a seven foot tall Biped.

Yowie Research Center

Highly active field naturalist Rex Gilroy has set up the Australian Centre to co-ordinate the data coming to light on Australia's Giant man, the Yowie. Rex has over 3000 sightings catalogued and maintains contact with other investigators interstate and overseas. Reports and photos can be mailed directly to Australian Yowie research Centre, Mt York Natural History Museum, Mt York, N.S.W. 2786

Whispers and Rumours

Man Fights Yowie

Kempsey timber man, George Gray, fought with a Yowie for ten minutes before it let go and abruptly left his cabin back in 1968. It was 4ft tall, covered in bristley grey hair, with deep creases under its humanlike eyes.

George Gray wrestled with it on the floor, tried to get an armlock on it but its skin was extremely flappy and loose so that he could feel no muscles. The creature did not seem angry but appeared to be trying to wake him and get him out the door, and made no sound.

It was large in the chest and shoulders, and enormously strong.

Titan Tootsies

Monsterous footprints have been found by Noel Reeves of Kempsey in sandstone fossil beds on the Upper Macleay River. One print shows a toe 4 inches long and the total toe-span is 10 inches suggesting the hominids may have been 17 ft tall.

Another print is 14 and a half inches from toe to the beginning of the instep. The University of New England has a geological team to deduce the age of the 28 impressions resembling both hands and feet.

If they are not misidentifications of animal prints, the geologists say it will violently restructure present theories of human evolution.

2KP Patter

Radio Station 2KP Kempsey held a talkback program a few weeks ago in which locals phoned in with their sightings of the huge apeman of Australia known as the Yowie.

One man taking snaps at a picnic was amazed he had captured a shot of one in the background, and examination of the tree it had been standing near indicated the towering hairy entity was 8 ft tall.

Psychic Australian November 1976 

From Psychic Australian November 1976

Bathursts Stonehenge

Miles of Stone lines, great stone heads at Bathurst

The large number of letters coming from our readers suggest that mysterious stone ruins all across Australia may be the rule rather than the exception. Rex Gilroy, Director of the Mount York Natural History Museum, Mount Victoria, NSW, documents Megaliths near Bathurst. Article by Rex Gilroy.This Issue

Australian Monsters

Australian monsters are constantly being sighted and reported, as regular followers of the Whispers and rumour Column know. Rex Gilroy documents some:What is the 30ft Serpent seen at Brisbane Waters in 1975? Does a Marsupial Lion survive?

Whispers and Rumours

$200,000 Yowie!

A $100,000 reward was offered 11 October by the board of directors of the Queenbeyan City Festival Ltd for the capture of the monster known as the Yowie. A Canberra radio station promptly matched the offer bringing the sum to a staggering $200,000.

The offer is serious and expeditions are now being mounted, with world wide interest in the outcome. The eight-foot high Biped has been sighted in the Monaro region. Festival president, Jim Belshaw, said many people had reported their sightings since photos of Yowie footprints were published in a Queenbeyan paper.

Warragamba Wolf

The Tasmanian Wolf, or Thylacine, that died out on the mainland 7000 years ago persists in unsportingly exhibiting himself in the headlights of Wyong motorists.

Similar sightings are coming in from the north coast near Port Macquarie, and from the Warragamba-Silverdale zone to the west.

Wowie a Yowie

A fence builder in the Googong Dam area of Queenbyan, Barry Costello, beheld a 6ft creature on 11th October bigger than any kangaroo, large and dark grey with a round head merging into its shoulders.

More Yowies

A 7 ft Biped was seen by campers near Hill End: An oversized Anthropoid was seen by an Orange farmer as it traversed his back paddock into heavy scrub; A hirsute Hominid peripatated up a dry creek bed under the gaze of a Terramungamine farmer a few miles from Dubbo.

Moruya Monster

An old hand of the Araluen area between Braidwood and the South Coast reported tales of a Yowroo, Yahoo or Yorie west of Moruya along the Deua River. Areas between Numeralla and the South Coast are named Yourie and there is a Yourie river.

The informant, Rod Knowles now of Canberra, found strange prints twice in twenty years, once on a riverbank definitely five-toed in river sand, and once in scrub.

One zone of bush 15 miles inland from Moruya on the Araluen road was completely devoid of wildlife, stock that wandered in disappeared and no remains were found.

Murwillumbah Mystery

A Murwillimbah man reports something has been coming down from the hills and tearing holes in the sides of his cattle "big enough to put your fist through". He has so far lost several stock and has become fearful since hearing high-pitched screaming noises at night.


Hi there

A knowledgeable Yowie researcher reports strange five-toed prints of prodigious smallness have been found near Queenbeyan and hints they could belong to elusive humans reportedly sighted there.

I guess that sums up the situation in the national press after Queenbeyan City Festival Ltd put up a generous $100,000 reward for the capture of this dingus.

And now that a Canberra radio station has matched the reward to raise it to some $200,000, the woods will be full of Aussies blowing their ultrasonic Yowie whistles. Mick Simmons sports stores might have a sale of them.

Well, at least people know what a Yowie is now, and we can be assured of a reasonable flow of sightings and reports, albeit the big city papers will probably continue their policy of not printing them.

So we can get down too the nitty-gritty of examining the other mystery animals of Australia, like giant panthers, twenty-foot lizards, and the Eastern Seaboard sea-beasties.

Obviously once aussies have a big crack put in the fishbowl of their reality, they become more amendable to further way-out precepts, like suggestions that certain mounds on the south forty might be the remnants of Egyptian visitors, or dare I say it, of an unknown indigenous civilization.

Psychic Australian December 1976

From Psychic Australian December 1976

Australian Monsters

The thing crushed a fence; a 30 ft sea beast; Marsupial lion/cat...


We know that many Australians have re-adjusted their thinking since reading some of the surprising facts unearthed by Rex Gilroy, Director of the Mount York Natural History Museum Mt Victoria, 2786, NSW. Your not advised to mention the following animals in your Zoology term paper. Article by Rex Gilroy.This Issue

We made a preliminary expedition into the Jamieson Valley after Rex Gilroy told us the 30 feet Lizards sighted up north are also seen as 15 feet versions down here. This suggests any reader of "Psychic Australian" has a good chance of seeing these Lizards, ie: that they are very wide-spread across the country. South Australian's, Victorians and Queenslanders can likely uncover tales from old timers in small towns.

The most common small Lizard in Australia is the waterdragon of which attains a metre or so in length, and the 15 feet Lizards are reputedly Swamp dwellers. If they eat Goats like the Indonesian cousins, the Komodo Dragon (Komodos are east of the Wallace line too), then maybe they are dangerous.

I'd like to hear from Victorians and interstaters if they have tales on this subject. The editor of Outdoors magazine, Laurie Drake, showed me a recent photo of a Marsupial Lion, which is quite different from the Tasmanian Wolf.

The lion exists in the fossil record but I don't know if it still survived. It has a distinct cat-face and much more massive front quarters and chest than the Wolf.

Also the Stripes along the hind quarters are repeated on it's front. It would be interesting to see if the big cats seen all over Australia (The Grampians and Gol Gol in this months Whispers column) turned out to be Marsupial.

I'm reading Signet books' Sasquatch' in which events in Canada parallel our apeman Yowie sightings. When you consider gorillas were only documented in 1862 and Komodo dragons in 1912, then Marsupial lions and Gorillas are not that hard to accept.

Alexander The Great

Alexander the great invaded Australia? No, because he died in 323 B.C as his tremendous fleet for the invasion of India lay ready. But did Commanders in this Armada set forth anyway and leave their mark across the mighty Australian land mass? Rex Gilroy will tell.

Whispers and Rumours

Grampians Puma

Two government employees familiar with the animals of the Grampians saw a big black cat in clear daylight as they drove along Jimmy's Creek Rd near Yarram Park Rd from Willaura. The men, from Stanwell, drove over a rise on the mountain road and saw the huge cat 50yds away breaking for dense ti-tree. Stories of the grampian cat are well-known.

Apemen Snowmen

A man followed giant man tracks for half a mile through Kinadra snow 15th August to lose them where they entered a forest.

Other sets of giant prints were found crossing a backyard in Cooma.

Bega Bigfoot

Unconfirmed giant man tracks apparently belonging to the great hairy Yowie are being investigated in the Verona district.

If you have Sightings or information pertaining to Australia's giant hairy apemen (The Yowie) Mr Rex Gilroy wishes to hear from you. Write Mr Rex Gilroy Director, Mt York Natural History Museum, Mt Victoria, 2786 N.S.W.

Gol Gol Cat

Dairy farmer Henry Ulrich found paw prints on his property near Gol Gol nth as though a large cat and its cub were in pursuit of game. A three day old calf disappeared from his property two weeks before with no trace of the carcass. The huge rear pads were 17ft in stride, front paws 17 inches apart, rear paws 34 inches apart.

Ancient Coin

A Tumut girl found a 500 year old coin embedded in conglomerate rock near the Tunut River. The girls father, Mr Vas of Russel St, Tunut, says the object is round, of heavy metal, embossed with a pattern on both sides. It has been handed to Tunut Shire Council and will be examined by a group of Archaeologists.

Bega Bigfoot

Unconfirmed giant mantracks apparently belonging to the great hairy Yowie are being investigated in the Verona district.

Psychic Australian January 1977 

From Psychic Australian January 1977

Alexanders Lost Fleet

The Greek Invasion of India went on into Australia

Alexander the great dies in 323 BC as his tremendous fleet for the invasion of India lay ready. In this thesis, Rex Gilroy presents evidence of their having sailed and reached Australia. Article by Rex Gilroy This Issue

Yowie Warning

The Director of the Mt york natural History Museum, Mt Victoria, Mr Rex Gilroy decried the sensationalism accompanying hunting parties trying to catch the giant hairy man known as the Yowie.

The Queenbeyan City Festival-Radio 2CA Canberra reward of $200,000 for its capture should have couched in more scientific terms with guarantees, that would avoid the creatures possible extermination.

Mr Gilroy appealed for common sense from people hunting the huge being and hopes to have some sort of legislation introduced to protect it.

Premier Wran and Yowies

Canberra radio 2CA's Carol Miller has asked Neville Wran to draw up "as a matter of urgency" a Yowie Protection Order. If this giant hairy man known as Yowie turns out to be Humanoid rather than a low primate this could mean some votes in the future, provided of course they're not illegal immigrants.

Whispers and Rumours

Cootamundra Lion

Government employees patrolling the southwest tablelands water supply at Jugiong spotted a dog-sized animal of weird gait, bulky shoulders and slight hind quarters.

It appeared to have a mane! Arthur Marshall and Frank Proctor said it was something like sketches of the Tasmanian Tiger, but was dark brown and had an ugly head.

The men chased the animal in their off-road vehicle and thought they would have caught it had they not had to open a gate, whence the animal disappeared in rocky timbered terrain.

Arthur Marshall derided ideas that it was a dog, fox or wild cat. The marsupial lion is found in fossil form but a photo was taken recently of a living lion with mane in the far north. It had a catlike face whereas the Tas tiger has a doglike snout and is lighter in build.

Cooma Yowie Hunt

Following sightings of the giant hairy man and enormous footprints traversing a Cooma backyard, a 16 man expedition set out on 30th October and established a base camp at Sawyers Hut.

The creature known to Aboriginals as the Yowie is eight feet tall, covered in thick black or reddish hair with an enormous build like a gorilla.

Although the party was unsuccessful they were puzzled by a set of prints 24 inch long found near the Sawyers Hut base camp. The party did come across a "mountain hermit" with whom they exchanged information and left supplies.

South Coast Bunyip

Many older residents of Broughton Creek have heard the eerie humanlike howl of a creature said to inhabit the Coomenderry Swamp.

One resident reported seeing a weird creature come from the sea and go into the swamp along Seven Mile Beach. Early residents of the district recognised the monster and preserved the swamp as its habitat.

Port Macquarie

Tasmanian tigers are a common inhabitant of the Cundle Flat region and are accepted as native animals by Upper Manning people according to Killawarra bushworker Doug Richards.

Sightings in the past 12 months have created widespread interest. He said they had doglike features, stripes on the ribcage, and a long narrow tail. The brown ones were probably females, seen mainly at sunrise and sunset along the riverbank.

Doug Richards says the black panther is really a large cat bigger than a kelpie dog, but has the round head and smaller ears, rather than the pointed snout and ears of the panther.

He said a tiger cat's body had been found hit by a car. He ascribes the decrease in bush turkey and paddy melon kangaroo to the two predators.

Psychic Australian February1977 

From Psychic Australian February 1977

Australian Marine Colossus

A huge beast is being seen in dunes and ocean along the coast.

Enormous sea-going Dinosaurs like beasts may be killing and devouring Australian fisherman. These vast beasts appear to walk on land to lay their eggs along the south coast of NSW Article by Rex Gilroy. This Issue

Yeti Man

Captain Mohan Kohli, an Indian mountaineer and East Australasian manager of Air India, with 14 major expeditions too his credit, was a guest at Coffs Harbour sponsored by the National Bank, Air India, and the government of India tourist office. Capt Kohli said he had not seen a Yeti (abominable snowman) but had seen large footprints in the snow.

He said the giant creature was reputedly red-haired, manlike, and left great prints. Mountaineering is popular in India with 500 trained yearly in three mountaineering institutes.

Next Month

Vikings in Australia left clues which Rex Gilroy has pieced together into yet another one more piece of the Mosaic telling us loud and clear that some disturbing omissions have been made in our official text books.

Psychic Australian March 1977 

From Psychic Australian March 1977

Vikings Visited Cairns

Did they Chinese contacts give them maps of this continent?

Vikings sailed to China and fought as mercenaries there, but did they travel further South and find Australia? Article by Rex Gilroy. This Issue

Yowie Search

Director of Mt York Natural History Museum at Mt Victoria, NSW, Rex Gilroy, plans to lead an expedition in March/April in the Grafton area to search for 8 ft tall, 600 pound hairy man known by the Aboriginals as the Yowie.

The expedition hopes to gather conclusive evidence of the elusive Biped. Several north-east NSW zones will be examined, plus Barrington Tops and southern Queenslands Laminton district.

Whispers and Rumours

Tasmanian Tiger Tracks

Four hundred plaster casts of Tasmanian tiger prints have been collected by Noel Sutton of Fingal, Tas, in his lengthy study of the animals breeding in local bush.

He has taken night photos of them. Some pictures show two adult animals with six pups, the head of a Tiger with body obscuring, a distant figure exhibiting the classic features of the tiger.

The latter pic was taken in 1974. Mr Sutton believes he could catch one of the animals if the National Parks and Wildlife Service gave him a permit with no strings attached.


Associate editor of Kempsey Argus, Patricia Riggs, interviewed a man whose honey was stolen by the hairy man known as the Yowie. Many years ago the man put down some honey and Wallaby skins to take off his wool shirt and have a wash.

He turned round to see a three-foot hairy man, like a small boy but thickset with a short neck, smokey grey hair two or three inches long all over except for about the face and a darkish brown body.

The witness ran off in fear but next day was able to track the small Biped to a cave where a Yowie group lived. The grass was pressed down all around the entrance and the remains of yabbies and cockles littered the opening.

Comrade Nesski

Comrade A. Pechersky of the Soviet Geographic Society witnessed with his son a 50 ft Serpent creature in Lake Kol-Kol near Dzambul, southern Kazakhstan.

As panicked waterfowl took off, a massive head and tail emerged and ploughed along.


I like Rex Gilroy's Articles. We need to know more about our own country.

Psychic Australian April 1977 

From Psychic Australian April 1977

Abominable Aussie

An expedition making its base in Scone will attempt to gather conclusive evidence proving the existence of the 8ft tall 600 lb Australian gorilla man known by Aboriginals as the Yowie.

Director of the Mount York Natural History Museum at Mt Victoria, NSW, Rex Gilroy, will lead the team into the wild Barrington Tops, which he states the mysterious Biped is definitely inhabiting.

Rex Gilroy will be in Gloucester in March, then visit Grafton And Laminton in Queensland. Sightings of Yowies encompass the entire continent, Tasmania and PNG, but center on the thickly forested Great Divide in the Eastern States.

The Barrington region has a long history of Yowie sightings dating from 1842 and 1848 when settlers saw the things near Carey's Peak. Recently great footprints have been found and the creature sighted in the hills near Scone.

Rex Gilroy believes the Yowie is related to the Tibetan Yeti and the US Bigfoot through Ancient Land Bridges.

Whispers and Rumours

Russian Monster Hunt

Dr Sergei Kumov, a biologist, and students from Moscow University were hoping to arrange a search of Lake Kol Kol where a giant Serpent was seen, its body 15m long and head 2m long.  

Psychic Australian June 1977 

From Psychic Australian June 1977

Fantastic Gorilla-Giants Of Katoomba

8ft Hairy Biped

The sensational facts about a large number of sightings right near Sydney of fantastic gorilla-men eight feet tall have not been pursued by the popular press.

Eyewitness accounts from 1974, 1975 and 1976 document this hitherto ignored creature, which was seen frequently by settlers in the region in the 1820's and also was known and spoken about by the aboriginals!

Rex Gilroy, Director of the Mount York Natural History Museum, Mt Victoria, NSW again relates incidents and evidence discovered in his wide-ranging researches.

He has just returned from his April expedition into northern NSW and southern QLD where he accumulated new and amazing evidence which will appear in further articles of Psychic Australian!

Fantastic gorilla-giants of Katoomba, In April, 1976 six men saw only yards away an 8ft high hairy biped, its shoulders 4ft across. Article by Rex Gilroy. This Issue

Whispers and Rumours

Yeti Revealed

Intrepid British explorer Major John Blashford-Snell has returned from Nepal after finding giant footprints in mud near remote Meghauli village.

The villagers said the prints were from their Holy Man who has a congenital deformity, giant big toes that stick out at right angles. And the deformity is shared by other people in the area. Seen any near Katoomba Major?

Next Month

In 1969 an iron axe of the type used by Egyptian boat-builders was unearthed in Lapstone Gorge near Sydney. Rex Gilroy reveals the surprising drawings of sailed ships drawn by the Aborigines on the rocks along the walls of the Nepean river and reconstructs the epic journey of Egyptian explorers up this Australian river many thousands of years before European Settlement.

Psychic Australian July 1977 

From Psychic Australian July 1977

Mysterious Egyptian Find in NSW Mountains

Egyptian Artifacts

A hand smeltered iron axe was identified as a boat-builders tool typical of Ancient Egypt. But its location deep in undisturbed earth near the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia, implies an epic adventure thousands of years before Capt Cook. Article by Rex Gilroy. This Issue

Paranormal and Psychic Australian October 1977 

From Paranormal and

Psychic Australian October 1977

Dinosaurs And Man

Dinosaurs never existed in time of man...or did they? In Victoria the Aborigines give the precise location where they lived-and perhaps still live-a great reptile near Wedderburn.

Near Lake Alexandria, SA, they hunted a two legged reptile with useless front legs, a fearsome head and great sharp teeth: Tyrannosaurus? Article by Rex Gilroy. This Issue

Whispers and Rumours

Yowies Invade

Lismore, NSW-A Woodenbong woman stopped six feet from a huge hairy covered Yowie she found crushing her dog at 2.30am on Wednesday 10th August.

The woman who wishes to remain anonymous lives in Lindsay St, Woodenbong just 300 yards from Mrs Thelma Crewe who saw two Yowies standing in her drive last November.

Journalist Gary Buchanan of the Lismore Northern Star interviewed the woman and examined wounds and bruises on the dog, as well as looking at one of the Yowie's footprints.

The woman heard her dog's yelping mixed with a high pitched screaming which could not have been the dog. Her husband and the couple next door all heard the noises. The woman raced out on to the back verandah and switched on the 200 watt light which lit up the yard.

She said, "I went down the steps when I suddenly saw the creature directly in front of me. It was sitting on its haunches-the creature's arm's were wrapped around the dog one above the other. The creature looked straight up at me for a few moments then dropped the dog."

It held its arms away from its body then slowly stood up. She continued, "It then backed away from me towards the grape trellis but it never took its eyes off me. The creature stayed there for a few moments making these strange deep grunting noises.

The noises were very loud. It then ran off down the side of the house." The woman gave an excellent description of the creature which is identical to Mrs Crewe's sighting. It stood about six feet tall, was covered in brownish hair and had a small neckless head, its facial features were apelike.

She said, "Its head was very small compared to the rest of the body, and the hair was close-cropped and fell down over its forehead. The rest of the face didn't seem to have much hair over it. When the Yowie held out its arms after dropping the dog I noticed that it had long gingery-coloured hair hanging from the bottoms of its arms.

The hair seemed to be very well groomed and flowing like a girls would. The shoulder hair was dark brown with a greyish tinge." The creature had a wide chest and seemed to have very strong legs. Its body was relatively slim towards the hips and its arms were long, slender and hairy.

She added, "One of the things I noticed about the Yowie was the horrible stench. The only thing I could compare it with would be a ferret." The dog also stank and had to be bathed, its fur had a greasy feel. The dog was bleeding from wounds and severely bruised.

The woman's daughter found three distinct prints along the side of the house but only one was not washed away by rain as they put a bucket over it. Gary Buchanan noted the five toe impressions of the 22cm by 11cm print were clearly defined and not human-made.

All the toe impressions were the same size and laid out in a half circle. He and Northern Star Photographer Darcy McFadden found an area of trampled grass near the grape trellis which the woman said had occured between the afternoon prior to the sighting and that morning.

Gary Buchanan found three seven-inch strands of gingery-brown hair caught in a post splinter which he plans to have examined by an independant analyst Proffesor B. Rigsby, Proffesor of Anthropology at Queensland University.

Proffesor Rigsby said, " I suggest you go looking for a guy in an ape suit. There is no reliable recurrable evidence for Yowies, abominable snowmen, Yetis, Bigfoot or wild men of the woods or whatever they are called.

I believe you simply won't find a human primate of this sort in Australia." Prof Rigsby said he would gladly have the hair sample analysed and added, "If there is a Yowie at Woodnebong I'll be the first down there!" Footnote:The dog is now well again.

Police Spot Tiger

Launceston, Tas-A Tasmanian Tiger was seen at 11pm Friday 19th August by two police officers as they rounded a bend in the Gladstone-Derby road.

Constable John Wilson said, "It was only a small animal about the size of a Corgi. But it had prominent rings around its tail. Iv'e spent along time in the bush and I have no doubt this was a Tasmanian Tiger. It was half way across the road when we made the sighting and we had to brake suddenly."

The other witness was Senior Constable M. Banfield. Constable Wilson's father, Mr Geoff Wilson, a Launceston newspaperman said, "He knows his animals and he was positive that the animal was a tiger. Sightings are Rare but they come up every couple of years.

About three years ago a bush artist named Paul Sneider sighted one near Springfield which is in the Cuckoo district. He had been painting in the bush for years and was adamant that he was a full-grown tiger not far from his camp."

Psy Aus has reports of the tiger being seen often at Silverstone/Warragamba, Woy Woy and on the upper Manning River.

Paranormal and Psychic Australian January 1978 

From Paranormal and

Psychic Australian January 1978

Ufo Base

In recent months a group of seven hikers were awoken by the grinding of subterranean machinery throbbing in a region where soldiers have vanished, and where in 1971 a glowing egg-craft was seen with occupants walking about. Mystery craft including spinning green disks have been seen at low altitudes. Article by Rex Gilroy. This Issue

Whispers and Rumours

Nowra Puma Shot Dead

Nowra, NSW-A huge mystery cat which has been terrorising farmers and mauling cattle was shot dead by 16 yr old Tom Sega with a .303 rifle about 15th November 1977.

A huge Puma has been sighted many times in the past few years, cattle and dogs have been mauled and giant cat prints found at the scene.

Roman Sega and his son Tom, 16, from Wollongong were stalked by the big cat. Roman Sega said, "When the mist cleared the cat was standing on the edge of the under-growth staring at us with protruding yellow eyes. Before it could pounce Tom shot it with his .303 rifle.

He shot it through the heart but it took the cat about a minute to die. It's tail was 2ft long and it had teeth like fangs." They skinned the cat and left the carcass on the mountainside.

Victorian Panther

Melbourne, Vic-Two Wimmera Lands Department officers spotted a huge black panther at close range about 25th November.

Alan Knight and Bert Bray were laying a poison trail in bush about 360km north-west of Melbourne when they saw the black cat 50 yards away outlined clearly against a white sandhill.

Bert Bray said, "It had a catlike head. Its coat was as sleek as if it had been living on eggs." Alan Knight said, "Bert and I looked at each other in amazement. It was slender in the shoulders and rump, like a cat, with a very small nose and ears and a beautiful catlike tail.

It was a beautiful creature. It was about 60cm high and 1m long with a big long tail. It just sat there for a long time while sniffing on the breeze. It saw us but it certainly wasn't frightened.

I dont know what is is but it's much to big for a feral cat." Alan Knight had heard stories of the black cat before, but this was the first time he had seen one. The animal stalked off into the scrub. The cats have been reported in the Wimmera over the past six years.

Next Month

Small black pygmies are still living in the wilderness surrounding Sydney. In 1972 a hiker saw one of the small men watching him from a few yards away-it turned and fled. In the 1940s farmers along the Putty Road to the north spoke of the lost tribe and saw black pygmies stealing their vegetable crops.

Paranormal and Psychic Australian February 1978 

From Paranormal and

Psychic Australian February 1978

Australian Pygmies Exist

Evidence abounds that a race of small black native folk still inhabit the vast uninhabited areas of Australia in some cases close to cities-The lost Pygmy Tribes of Australia. Article by Rex Gilroy.This Issue

Whispers and Rumours

Bigfoot Photos

Los Angeles, Calif-A new section of movie footage showing a giant hairy man 7ft 6ins tall has been taken by full time American Bigfoot tracker Ivan Marx.

The footage, lasting 3mins 10secs was taken in the hills of northern California and is being promoted by television man Marty Ingels. Ingels released two slides taken from the 190sec film showing a clear shot of a big black hairy creature in a forest clearing on a streambank.

The other slide shows the hirsute hominid washing itself. Ivan Marx, shooter of the film, is at present back in the woods seeking even better proof.

Next Month

A place desolate in the extreme and still unknown to the white man. With night and the racing tides come monsters from the swamps bent on destruction and slaughter. Visit the place of dreams and nightmare 20 miles south of Australia's northmost point-Cape York, where anything could exist, and probably does.

Paranormal and Psychic Australian April 1978 

From Paranormal and

Psychic Australian April 1978

Eastern States Yowies

Suddenly a large black manlike shape appeared half visible over the rise. As the rise of earth half obscured the figure she estimated the full height of the beast to be about 10ft. Article Rex Gilroy. This Issue

Yowie Search

Katoomba, NSW-Australia's foremost authority on the giant hairy man known as the Yowie, said, "Sightings of Yowies have been reported in the Gold Coast region since the middle of last century (1800's).

I have almost 100 reports from the area dating back to 1860." The authority is Mr Rex Gilroy, Director of Mt York natural History Museum, Mt Victoria, NSW. he will search the Gold Coast hinterland in May.

His expedition will cover a number of jungle areas where the Yowie has been seen, and he welcomes any assistance from Gold Coast residence who may be familiar with the area and can write to him at the above address. Rex Gilroy disapproves of the use of guns and dogs, as the Yowie is a timid vegetarian.

Whispers and Rumours

Yowie Ancestors

Newcastle, NSW-About 40 skeletons unearthed in northern Victoria in 1975 are almost identical in facial features to Java Man who died out over half a million years ago, reports Roland Robinson of the Newcastle Morning Herald. The backs of the skulls are more modern that Java Man.

Although their type died out in Europe and Africa over 150,000 years ago, most of the Australian specimens are only 10,000 years old, one is 19,000 years old, and another one 20,000.

While travelling and camping with Aboriginals in NSW and Victoria, Roland Robinson was given a description of the modern day giant hairy man by full-blood percy Mumbulla.

Although Yowie, meaning 'great being" has caught on, this particular tribe called the giant, Doolagarl: "A Doolagarl is a man like a gorilla," Percy Mumbulla said. "He has long spindly legs. He's got a big chest and long swinging arms.

His forehead goes back from his eyebrows. His head goes into his shoulders. He has no neck. The Doolagarl lives now on Cockwhy and Polawombera Mountains."


Giant Problems

As regards ancestral Hominids. I see by Time magazine that Dryopithecus appeared in Africa some twenty million years ago. I had thought his favourite locality was the Siwalik hills in northern India but thats not the point.

The point is that Time has it he was more or less the starting point for both Hominids and Pongids. So you may not be able to push Gigantopithecus as far back as you would like. G.Malcolm, Canberra, A.C.T

Reply From The Editor

(Gigantopithecus goes back 10 to 15 million years and is pre-dated by Ramapithecus. Our giant-sized problem is pushing back Gigantopithicus 60 million years to a time when Australia-Antarctica-South America were joined up. That's how the marsupials got here, but how did Grand-dad Yowie do it?)

Paranormal Book Review

Bigfoot 58 Page Book

This small volume consists of eight articles, two of which are from the pages of Psychic Australian. The book opens with an article on the Yowie relating reports in South Australia and a possible connection between Yowies and Ufo's.

This article is by national writer Frank Anderson and is compiled from reports by Bill Chalker and Rex Gilroy, whom one might call a Yowie-ologist.

Yowie Picnic

Gold Coast, QLD-A National Parks and Wildlife worker came within 12 ft of a 7 ft Yowie Sunday 5th of March. His encounter prompted a further reporting of an encounter with a female Yowie, bringing to a total of six the Yowie sightings in the Springbrook, Qld area, in the past six months.

Reporter Frank Hampson of the Gold Coast Bulletin suppressed the name of the National Parks employee because the man said "people in this area know me and they would probably lose alot of respect for me if they read about me making what they think is a crack-brained claim like this.

" He was cutting timber near the repeater station on Springbrook not far from the Antarctic beeches and went to investigate what he thought was the grunting of a pig. He said, " I went in to the forest to see if I could find it. I heard the grunting again but couldn't find any tracks. Then something made me look up, and there about 12 ft in front of me, was this big black hairy man-thing.

It looked more like a gorilla than anything. It had huge hands and one of them was wrapped around a sapling." The National Parks witness himself over 6 ft tall, estimated the Yowie was about 7 ft tall, he said "It had a flat black shiny face, with two big yellow eyes and a hole for a mouth.

It just stared at me and I stared back. I was so numb I couldn't even raise the axe I had in my hand. The Yowie suddenly gave off a nauseating smell then made off sideways and disappeared. The National Parks employee reported his sighting to his chief, who told him to stay quiet because they didn't want to attract shooters into the protected fauna sanctuary area.

The employee mentioned it to a friend, and discovered another Springbrook resident who had sighted a female Yowie with pendulous breasts. The national Parks employee said, " I saw this beast in daylight about 2 o'clock in the afternoon. They exist all right.

The reason they aren't seen more often is because most people who go for bush walks make a noise. I didn't make any noise because I was trying to stalk what I thought was a pig."

(A girl and her boyfriend saw a Yowie near the Antarctic beeches early January)

Ding Ding! Apeman Calling

Gold Coast, Qld-A Yowie wandered up to the front door of a Springbrook house Sunday night 29 January and looked in. A man alone at the friend's house threw a chair at it at the open door peering down the corridor..

The man told reporter Paul Wilidor of the Gold Coast Bulletin the Yowie seemed relaxed and grunted deeply while it examined the corridor and adjoining room. He said "After I overcame the initial shock I picked up a chair and threw it at the beast. I dont know whether I hit it or not but it just limped away."

The man reported the Yowie to Howard Smith of the Natureland Zoo, Kirra, and asked for advice after Mr Smith examined the Yowie's footprints. The man said the top of the Yowies head was egg-shaped, had deeply set eyes, a small flat screwed up nose, flat ears, and was black.

It had a long round mouth and high set cheek bones. It was about 2 metres tall and smelled like a badly kept public lavatory. He said, "It's fingers were very long and held in a curled position, and its eyes were very glazy, like porcelain. When it limped away its hands were held just above the ground, it was hunched over and walked to the side." The man got a very good look as the outside light was on above the door.

He said the Yowie was sighted by several people on Wednesday and Thursday before that Sunday. Howard Smith of the Zoo said the man seemed distressed, and evidently would not stay in the house by himself.

Next Month

Walking up past the pig sheds he moved towards the trees. there amid the trees was a saucer-shaped craft of considerable size emitting a strange glow. The light was so bright that it lit up the whole surrounding area. Then as if aware that it was being watched faded away, leaving the mysterious craft almost invisible in the darkness amongst the trees.

Rex Gilroy reveals dozens of Ufo happenings near Katoomba.

Paranormal and Psychic Australian May1978 

From Paranormal and

Psychic Australian May 1978

Katoomba Ufo Encounters

About 7 pm directly ahead of them passing high above the town of Lawson they sighted a group of 5 reddish glowing objects travelling north to south. So great was the glow emitted by them that the town of Lawson became lit up with a reddish glow. Article by Rex Gilroy. This Issue

Whispers and Rumours

Yowie Tourist

New Delhi, India-A strange man-like creature which attacked a forest ranger and has been killing Yaks has sparked another hunt for the Abominable Snowman or Yeti of the Himalayas.

Tasmanian Tiger Hunt

Sydney, NSW-Last August report by two Tasmanian policemen of a Tasmanian tiger which ran across the road in front of their patrolcar has prompted Sydney conservationist and spare-parts salesmen Chris Tangey, 20, to attempt a marathon hunt in the rugged ranges of Tasmania.

He said, "Im convinced the tiger is alive. Iv'e been studying it since I was five years old, and all the sightings, al the literature, lead me to believe Im right." Dr Eric Guiler, Dean of Hobart University's science department and lecturer in zoology said he was quite convinced the tiger was not extinct.

Dr Guiler quoted a sighting in 1961 when a man accidently killed a tiger at Sandy Cape. Before it could be examined the body was stolen by a fisherman for crayfish bait. Dr Guiler led a tiger hunt in 1963 on a $2000 State government grant. He said, "We didn't actually find one, but at one stage spotted tracks which suggested the tiger had passed only four hours earlier."

Chris Tangey was hoping for a two-year two-man expedition but failed to gain any sponsership after calling 30 firms. He said, "Im hoping desperatley to get some backing before I leave on 26th March. If not I'll go anyway and use the money I've saved at work-about $600-to buy basic equipment.

Letters To the Editor

Giant Solutions

I read with interest G. Malcolm's letter about Dryopithecus appearing in Africa some twenty million years ago. (April letters). I am prepared to accept most of the modern frame-work on which modern comparative anatomy and archaeology is based, but I am not so committed to it that I will let it prevent me from examining theories of Pongid and Hominid migration

If there was no land linkage between Australia and Asia, or South America earlier than 60 million years ago, then let us begin examining the propositions put forward by our Geophysicist colleagues with the idea of finding faults in their reasoning. That is to say could not the rate of continental drift be inaccurately fixed for certain regions, in particular around Australia?

The rate of separation of north and south America from Africa and Europe has been ascertained as quite variable. The Atlantic Ocean began to open up at a very slow rate indeed during its first 100 or 200 million years. That being the case could not the rate of continental drift around Western Australia have at one stage been much faster than assumed by comparison with north America areas?

Suppose Australia-Antarctic-South America were in fact joined together as short as 20 million years ago. New Zealand was originally the eastern part of Antarctica, and this would explain the apparent existence of the New Zealand counterpart to our Yowie, ie: their Coromandel Man.

J.Muszkat, Belconnen, ACT.

Paranormal and Psychic Australian July 1978

From Paranormal and

Psychic Australian July 1978

Yowies Of Katoomba

She quicky regained control of her horse as it was at that moment that she saw nearby and watching her from trees, a hairy man-like apelike beast about 7 ft tall. Article by Rex Gilroy. This Issue

Letters To the Editor

Longnecks Looked At

The letter from France by Dr Jean Jacques Barloy regarding his book on sea serpents prompted me to write and enquire if it would be possible to have another update article on the Eastern States Longneck. I have ben fascinated by the previous article by Rex Gilroy but alas have not seen any reported sightings in newspapers.

I did read of a large beast that was supposed to haul itself across the beach into the swamps some place south of Wollongong. The Longneck {Plesiosaur?}seen entering the Hawkesbury River estuary is of major interest to all Loch Ness enthusiasts

The capture of an alleged Plesiosaur carcass off New Zealand by japanese fishermen last year re-whetted my enthusiasm. And could the psychic/intuitonal elements of our readership write in on their inspirations on where and when such creatures could be found.

Could not some readers hold a series of seances over a period of weeks in which they request their guides to unravel this genuine Australian mystery in the noble cause of truth, science and knowledge?

Andrew Straughn

Richmond, Victoria.

Paranormal and Psychic Australian October 1978 

Paranormal and Psychic Australian

October 1978

Australia's Ancient Astronauts

The Wandjina claim these beings came down from the stars to impart culture. Article by Rex Gilroy. This Issue

Yowie Expedition

Katoomba, NSW-Director of Mt York Natural History Museum, Mr Rex Gilroy, is investigating sightings around Bowral, Yass, Mittagong, Queanbeyan-ACT, preparatory to an expedition in the region.

He is hoping residents of the Queenbeyan region with information will contact him to help piece together the giant hairy man's movements. His Australian Yowie Research Centre is headquartered at Kedumba Emporium, Echo Point, Katoomba, where his main Museum is.

Rex Gilroy has over 3000 sightings of the mysterious giant and has published numerous articles on it. He believes it may be a precursor to early giant apemen who crossed the land bridge from Asia to Australia in the last ice age.

Letters To the Editor

More Yetis Yet

I saw "The Australian" appropriate from the "Economist" all my information on the latest anthropological heresies. Hah, but it may be less shameless on the splendid research work. "The Economist" has lately done on the important economic topic of the Yeti.

"The Yeti as a Market Influence" -theres a fine Ph.D. theme. So also would be "The Yowie and Australian tourism." Well, heres how we stand on the Yeti now.

In 1832 B.H Hugson the British resident in Katmandu reported the belief that a "hairy apelike creature" lived in the Himalayas.

In 1851 Eric Shipton found prints and photographed them.

Then came Sir Edmund Hilary's formidable declaration {1961} that there was no such thing as a Yeti.

However in 1970 Don Williams, the leader of the UK Annapurna expedition, came out of his tent at 13,000 ft one night and looked straight into the face of "something between a gorilla and a bear."

In late 1972 an American wildlife expedition camped near Komgmaa La mountains found footprints made during the night on unmarked snow outside their tents.

In July 1974 a sherpa girl in the Everest region was attacked by a Yeti. It knocked her down and killed two of her yaks. Shown some pictures of bears and primates next year she picked out one of an orang-utang as the closet resemblance to her attacker.

In early 1975 a Pole claimed that a huge apelike creature came within 40 yards of him.

Lord Hunt found fresh tracks in 1973.

Eric Shipton revisiting Nepal in 1976 announced he was positive the Yeti exists.

Jan 1978-A Sikkimese forest department guard was attacked by "an animal-like-man.

Feb 1978-The Soviet news agency Tass reported that an Alma had been sighted near "Yakutsk."

So thats where we are now. Sikkim is sending eight wildlife teams to "study ways to improve" the "natural habitat" near Mount Kanchenjunga. How about eight NSW wildlife teams do the same-make the thing official

Gouth Malcolm, Canberra, ACT.

Vital Yowie Statistics

I am writing this letter concerning an article in your June '78 Issue on Yowies. I am not writing this letter to tell you that we've seen one as I have not, but because I find the subject of great interest.

If it is at all possible I would appreciate it if you could send me any information that you can concerning the Yowie.

Also could you tell me which area they have been reported to have been sighted in the most, as I and an associate both love camping and as we were going to go for a 3-4 week trip in this area anyway, we thought that we would go in the vicinity that they were most seen.

Please dont think that we are so naive as to think we will catch a glimpse, even if there is such a thing as a Yowie, but we'd love to go camping anyway, and this would make the trip a little more interesting

John Morgan, Carramar, NSW

Whispers and Rumours

Eight Foot Yowie

Moruya, NSW-A Narooma man has seen 8 ft tall "bearlike" creatures and three of them together Monday 31 July.

He said they were completely covered with hair, had no neck but the head was set right on the shoulders, the biggest standing 7 to 8 ft tall. They were rusty brown and walked with a stoop

They had "big beautiful doe-like eyes " which were very penetrating. He told the Moruya Examiner they were roughly north-west to southwest of Narooma but he did not want to see them hunted. he had been fox shooing in recent weeks accompanied by his 16 year old son.

Strange Phenomenon and Psychic Australian March 1979 

From Strange Phenomena and

Psychic Australian March 1979

Cessnocks Fantastic 30 ft Lizard Monsters

A Cessnock farmer saw one of the creatures in scrub near his barn in 1975. It was, he said, at least 30 feet in length and of a motted greyish colour, and stood upto 3 feet off the ground on powerful legs. Article by Rex Gilroy. This Issue

Yowie Research

Katoomba, NSW-An expedition to obtain photographic evidence of the giant hairy Yowie is to be mounted soon on the NSW south coast. It will be organised y Mr Rex Gilroy, head of the Australia Yowie research Centre, situated at the Kedumba Nature Display, Kedumba Emporium, which is at Echo Point, Katoomba.

Rex Gilroy has appealed for residents of the south coast district who have information or evidence to contact him. In recent months there have been several sightings around Bateman's Bay, Narooma and Thirroul.

Rex Gilroy said, "Yowie sightings around the Bateman's Bay area date back many years. Fifty years ago the creatures were frequently spoken of by loggers working in the nearby mountains, who had seen them thereabouts."

The Yowie is 8 to 10 feet tall, covered in thick long hair and walks with a stooping gait. It emitts a howling scream if disturbed. It is vegetarian and timid, but very curious about humans and their dwellings.

Strange Phenomenon June 1979 

Strange Phenomena

June 1979

Queensland UFO's

Going out to investigate the loud rumble, he saw descending low over the trees a saucer shaped craft. Of faded aluminium, the craft smelled like burning rubber. Article by Rex Gilroy. This Issue

Whispers and Rumours

Katoomba Yowie Prints

Katoomba, NSW- In addition to earlier Yowie footprints castings, Director of Mt York Natural History Museum, Rex Gilroy, has acquired more large casts of enormous Yowie footprints.

The footprints are nearly twice as long as an adult human foot, and almost three times as wide. Rex Gilroy said, "These were taken in soft mud by a bushwalking party at Ruined Castle rock formation near Katoomba.

They had a camera set up. It was connected to a microphone which would set it off if there were the slightest sound. The third night they were camped there, they heard someone or something walking through the nearby swamp.

The next morning they found these footprints. They made casts of the best of them. That was in June.

Hunt For Yeti

London, UK- The man who led the British expedition to climb Mt Everest in 1953, Lord Hunt, believes proof of the Yeti or Abominable Snowman, exists.

While Lord Hunt, now 68, and his wife were in the Himalayas in November 1978 commemorating the successful Everest expeditions, they found large oval Yeti prints, the biggest 35cm long and 18cm wide.

Lord Hunt said, "There were a number of tracks my wife and I and two Sherpas saw in a day. We were travelling between 5-6000m. There were no other animals around, and all I can say is there is a case to answer.

In my firm opinion they are not bear tracks," he has not seen the Yeti, described as a "large, long-armed apelike creature" with a face more human than animal.

He said, "I have had descriptions also from monks, the abott of a monastery below Everest, and a European who claims to have seen the animal.The best hearing I had was when we were on Mount Everest in 1953. There were some distinct high-pitched yelping sort of cries, rather long drawn-out. The Sherpas also heard them and said they were Yeti noises."

Lord Hunt said last November he heard "a call or two." "it was not dissimilar to what I heard 25 years before. I'm a romantic and I like to feel that there are mysteries which we just don't solve.

Headbutting Beastie

Samoa-A giant seabeast in 1971 butted the freighter King George again and again sending vibrations throughout the entire ship. This occured after the freighter rammed something hard en route from Samoa to the Philippines.

Retired airforceman James B. Sweeney uncovered the event for his book "Sea Monsters: A Collection OF Eyewitness Accounts." British Capt W.N Lindsay Cosby-Philips commanding the freight said as soon as they felt the collision.

"A sizeable head came out of the ocean. It was followed by a neck. This neck appeared to be attached to a big lump of a body. This beast had an enormous mouth with two tusks on the lower jaw."

The beast butted the ship again and again. The captain ordered a man to bridge to fire heavy calibre shots into the beast. The captain said, "After about six shots is sank slowly out of sight." The chief mate later passed a lie detector, testifying, "It had small eyes near the top of its head, tiny ears and a neck 10 to 12 feet long."

Kodak-Packin' Dolphins

New York, USA-The Lock Ness Monster in Scotland will be hunted down and shot by trained dolphins, says Dr Robert Rhines, of the science academy expedition which has been maintaining a camp at Loch Ness the past few years.

The shooting will be done with cameras and strobe lights set in vests and harnesses on dolphins to be used this summer. Dr Robert Rhines said the dolphins had already found, trapped and photographed large under water creatures such as sea turtles.

If the Loch Ness Monster is there, they will find it, he added. At the Loch they will be kept in saltwater tanks and released daily in the Loch's fresh water.

South Coast Yowies

Queanbeyan, NSW-An expedition to search for the giant hairy man known by Aboriginals as the Yowie is planned in the Bowral, Mittagong, Yass, Queanbeyan region. Mr Rex Gilroy, Australia's foremost authority on the goat creature, will lead the expedition.

As well as being Director of the Mount York Natural History Museum, he also organises the Australian Yowie Research Centre, Which he established to gather data, sightings, footprint casts, and to compile notes on areas where the creature lives.

He is in constant contact with researchers in the USA, Canada and the USSR who are investigating sightings of similar creatures...the Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Alma, Rex Gilroy believes the Yowie and the Asian and North American cousins could be linked with the 15-20 foot Gigantopithecus that inhabited Asia half a million years ago.

Another fossil man, Meganthropus the giant Java man, was 12 feet tall and a toolmaker. Anyone who can assist with information can contact the Yowie research Centre, care of Rex Gilroy NSW.

Panther Remains

In regard to the reported killing of a giant Puma on the Cambewarra mountain by two men from Wollongong last year, as I am an avid collector of panther and tiger reports, I would very much like to try and find out what became of the skin and remains of the animal.

Reply:We only know what was in Whispers, Roman Sega skinned the Panther and left the carcass where it lay, since she comes from Wollongong I guess you'll have to try the "gong Phone book."

Letters To the Editor

40ft Lizards

An article in July 1977 Issue told of two men in the Nullabor plain sinkholes who came across a lizard, as one of them said "almost up to my chest in height and twice the length of our Jeep."I was skeptical of this claim when I read it to tell you the truth, but after seeing Mr Rex Gilroy's article {March 1979} on the 30ft lizards near Cessnock I have changed my mind.

On Bill Peach's Tv show they told of the legend of the Aboriginals about the big holes in the Nullabor. They said the giant serpent walked out of them and ate tribespeople so they stayed away from the holes.

Could it be possible that the lizards are also in South Australia? Mr Gilroy mentioned there was a second species growing to 40ft with spikes down its back. has anyone else written in to tell what size of lizards they have seen in other parts of Australia? The biggest lizard I have seen is an 8ft goanna

Saul Lazan, St Kilda, Vic.

Mammoth Temptation

I'd be tempted to call anything which was 30-40ft long, weighing 3000 pounds, a dinosaur rather than a lizard! However, whatever you call them, its very interesting to learn that they are still around, long after being "officially" pronounced extinct.

Such is the case with a good many types of animal life, unless I miss my guess. I wouldn't be at all surprised if a live Mastodon or Mammoth turned up sometime.

Lucius Farish, Plumerville, Arkansas, USA

Pittwater Seamonster

Palm Beach, NSW-A gigantic hammerheaded seamonster with along neck was seen towering about 3 metres out of the water at Palm Beach on the 4th March about 6pm.

Amateur photographer Chris Cassettari of Dee Why was with his girlfriend when he photographed the beast. He said, "I saw something big moving in the water about 400m offshore. At first I thought it was a whale but later saw it was shaped like the so-called Loch Ness Monster.

It was green with a large red patch on its neck and its head, with two distinctive red eyes, and was bobbing back and forth. Its head shaped like a hammerhead shark but those eyes were large enough to be seen from shore."

The creature was about 12m long and its head and part of the neck were about 3m above the water. A sailor from HMAS Penguin, Steve Langley, 19, said he saw something big in the water like a dinosaur. At least six people were on the beach during the sighting.

Yowie Towers As Man Cowers

Charles Topwes, Qld-A black hairy manlike creature 1 metre tall peered in the car window of Michael Mangan, 19, apprentice baker and his girlfriend during March. He reported it to police, but on a later date while searching, he bumped into into it assaulted it with a rock before running off terror-stricken.

The area is honeycombed with shafts. Michael Mangan said, "I was really scared. This thing is black and hairy and isn't a monkey or something. Other people reckon they've seen it before."

Charters Towers police sergeant Gill Englar said, "I reckon hes seen a goat or a rock wallaby. Either that or somebody dressed up to give him a fright. If they did they succeeded."

Strange Phenomenon September 1979

Strange Phenomena

September 1979

Australia's Lost Civilisation

Mystery surrounds the large temple like structure which stands in the Woomera district of South Australia. Article by Rex Gilroy. This Issue

Whispers and Rumours

Yowie Grabs Fairlaine

Melbourne, Vic- A giant hairy Yowie grabbed a Ford Fairlaine by the back and bounced it up and down, until the driver reversed and knocked the creature off balance.

The driver, a plasterer known only as Vic, told his workmate Douglas Bombardieri of Mountfield Rd, Kilsyth. The giant creature was sighted in Emerald mid-june. Later it returned to a house in the area and left two footprints outside a front window.

Douglas Bombardieri found the prints and made a plaster cast of one, measuring 21cm long and 16cm wide. He discovered other prints by a nearby creek which were 4 ft apart. The plasterer, Vic, went to the creek about mid-June, heard strange noises and felt somebody was following him.

Vic spun round but heard something "like an elephant in galoshes" moving in the bush. He ran for his car with the animal in pursuit. Once in his Fairlaine the car would not move. Douglas Bombardieri said, "He put his car in third gear but the beast had hold of it.

It then started to bounce the car up and down." Vic turned around and saw two black arms and a big chest through the back windscreen. He put the Ford into reverse, knocked the creature to the ground and accelerated off.

Later at home he found two muddy handprints on the rear of his Fairlaine. Constable Tony Pratt of Emerald police, slightly tongue in cheek, warned residents to watch out for a "monster of superhuman strength."

Constable Pratt said, "There have been reports of a black panther up around here for the last few years but nothing like this before. There is not a great deal we can do."

Strange Phenomenon January 1980 

Strange Phenomena

January 1980

Giant Mystery Cats of Australia

An enormous sabre-toothed catlike animal approached three shooters. Article By Rex Gilroy. This Issue

Strange Phenomenon June 1980 

Strange Phenomena

June 1980

Western New South Wales Yowies

Truckie stories of hair-raising experiences with Yowies along western main roads are among the most prominent reported. Article by Rex Gilroy. Thise

Sadly this was the last Issue