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N.S.W: Katoomba naturalist Mr. Rex GilroY, believes that ape-like footprints he claims to have found recently in the Jamieson Valley are further evidence that Yowies inhabit the Blue Mountains.

Mr. Gilroy has spent the past 22 years investigating these myterious creatures, which he believes could be an Australian relative of the Himalayan Yeti (abominable snowman) and 'Bigfoot' of Canada/America.

"The word Yowie means 'great hairy man' and it has been a part of Aboriginal folklore for thousands of years,"'he says.

The footprints, which Mr.Gilroy says he found during a recent search of the Jamieson Valley, measure 40 cm length by 35 cm width across the toes.

"The creature who made the prints Would have stood at least 10 ft. tall, weighing around 400 lbs," he says.

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Footprints Evidence of Yowie

'The prints, from which Mr. Gilroy produced plaster casts are now displayed in his museum, the Kedumba Nature Display, Kedumba Emporium, Echo Point Road, Katoomba where he has recently established the 'Australiann Yowie Research Centre.'

"Yowie sightings by Europeans throughout eastern Australia date from the earliest years of settlement.

"The first person to see a Yowie in the Jamieson Valley was a Mr. J. H. Campbell in 1875 and sightings persist to the present day," said Mr. Gilroy.

Mr. Gilroy has himself seen the Yowie. On August 7, 1970, while exploring bush below the Ruined Castle rock fonnation, he caught sight of a tall ape-like animal moving through the trees.

"Mr. Gilroy is currently writing a book about the Yowie. He emphatically denies that he is pulling everyone's leg.

"I have already had to put up with years of ridicule for my belief in the Yowie's existence, but I believe the evidence speaks for itself. All I ask people is to keep an open mind on the matter.

"After all, there are still thousands of square miles of largely unexplorerd and impenetrable mountainous country throughout eastern Australia in which any Strange or unknown animals could remain hidden from man for thousands of years," he said.

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