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Ow! Look out for the Yowie!

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A search is commencing over a wide area of the Wisemans Ferry district and other areas of the Hawkesbury River region for evidence of the existence of a mysterious hairy, ape-like, man-like beast thought to be an Australian relative of the Himalayan Yeti (abominable snowman) and another creature In America known as "Bigtoot."

The search, which is being led by Mr Rex Gilroy, the well known naturalist, could turn up fresh clues to support Mr Gilroy's theories about the creature and its possible links with man's ancient past. The creature sought by Mr Gilroy is known as the Yowie, or -great hairy man" in aboriginal folklore, and the aborigines have known of the Yowie for thousands of years.

Mr Gilroy, who has spent 20 years gathering reported sightings and other evidence of the Yowie, is regarded as Australia's foremost authority on the creature. "The Yowie is described as being from two to three metres tall and covered from head to foot in long hair. The creature walks with a stooped gait upon two legs. "The creatures are basically vegetarian, although in times of drought they may occasionally turn carnivorous.


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Ow! Look out for the Yowie!

The Yowle is believed to emit a grunting noise, and also a screaming-howling sound if disturbed, and also leaves a foul odour on occasions wherever it has been," Mr Gilroy said.

These characteristics, he says, are identical to those reported of America's 'Bigfoot' and also the Himylayan "Abominable Snowman."

Mr Gilroy has just established the Australian Yowie Research Centre at the Kedumba Emporium, Echo Point Road, Katoomba, where all evidence of the mysterious Yowies will be studied. He is appealing for any readers who have information helpful to his investigations to contact him

"Generally, most people are reluctant to come forward with personal experiences of this nature for fear of ridicule. However, if these people will contact me I shall treat their information with the utmost discretion," Mr Gilroy said.

Sightings of Yowies in the Wisemans Ferry district date back to early last century.

During 1975 a bushwalker spotted a taller-than-maii sized hairy, apeish-looking creature moving through-scrub near Colo; recently a number of enormous footprints were reported found in the same area, said Mr Gilroy.

Mr Gilroy saw a Yowie in August,1970, in the rugged Jameison Valley below Katoomba. He was near the Ruined Castle rock formation when he caught sight of an almost two metre tall hairy, ape-like creature moving through nearby scrub. Since then he has made repeated visits to the area.

He has just returned from leading a search on Cape York, Queensland where a Yowie was recently reported seen by a farmer, and in April, 1977, he explored an area of the remote Carrai Plateau west of Kempsey, where Yowies have been seen by settlers as far back as 1842.

"Possibly the ancestors of the Yowie, Bigfoot and Yeti evolved in Asia and spread out across the former land-bridge that once linked America and Australia to the Asian mainland prior to the close of the last ice-age," he said. "Whatever the Yowie is, it is neither man nor ape, but something in between, a 'missing link' in man's evolution," Mr Gilroy concluded.


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